1. Judicial Layout- PILs -Grave 4 Judges – Protected & Promoted Contemners as CJIs, CJs, Loka Ayuktas – 2002 to 2016. PILS-WP 40994/2002, WP. 7105/2007, WP 13261/2006
  2. CJI H.L. Dattu & Gang of Criminal Contemners of ‘120 SCI & HC EMPLOYEE-CUM-JUDGES’: “The Judges With Plots” DNA News. 22nd Nov,2011 Full Page Article
  3. Site allotment plot thickens: Judges of SC also ignored society rules:- 19 November 2011
  4. Site allotment plot thickens: Judges of SC also ignored society rules:- 19 November 2011
  5. EX-HC JUDGE K.L. Manjunath; BREAKS SILENCE OVER ALLEGATIONS of his Upa Lokayukta appointment 15 Oct 2015
  6. Judges allotted land illegally in Karnataka – Tehelka
    1. CJs-CMs-Conspiracy-4pgs [ Read More:  CJs-CMs-Conspiracy-4pgs ]
    2. CJ-CM-AG-Conspiracy-6pgs [Read More: CJ-CM-AG-Conspiracy-6pgs]
    3. Anarchy-CJ-CM-DG-IGP-20 pgs. [ Read More: Anarchy-CJ-CM-DG-IGP-20 pgs ]
    4. CJs-CMs-LokAykata-Conspiracies-51pgs. [ Read More: CJs-CMs-LokAykata-Conspiracies-51pgs  ]
    5. CC 6711/12: Court order in Four pages; transferring case to Karnataka High Court on 22 Oct, 2013 [ 4pgs.6711-12.CrtOrder Sec 407 ]
    6. 22 Pages: CC 6711/12: Court Order Transferring Case to High Court [   22pgsCC.6711-12.-OrderSheet.Complnt ] 
    7. Two Pages: Acknowlegdements of HC, SPP, Police Commissioner, DGIG etc.,  of having received 102 pages document filed in ACMM-VIII Court. [ 2pgs.Cc6711-12.102pgsHC-N-PoliceAckledgments ]
    8. Five pages: Complaint to Chief Minister of Anrachy of 867 Judges & Lokayuktas, Home Secretary direction to DGIG & DGIG Replies [ 5pgs.CM-DirectnToDgig.Reply ]
  7.  Sr. Adv.K.V. Dhananjay files writ for CBI to take over corruption probe of K’taka Lokayukta from its own police wing [READ PETITION]: 14 July 2015
  8. 867 Judges Corruption Campaign Material and Photos   +   Acknowledements having sent to President of India, CJI , CBI, Karnataka DGIG , Karnataka High Court Chief Justice ETC .,
  9. Judicial Lay-Out: 867 VVIP Judges, Lokayuktas, Speaker are pavement dwellers: 4, Mar 2014: DNA News – Front Page
  10. News X TV Video: “Judicial Layout Illegalities & Judge’s In-Eligibility & Criminal Culpability makes Karnataka Lokayukta Shivaraj Patil resign
  11. 1992-92: CooP Dept Gudelines: Judges & Who else are Prohibited to be Members of Judicial Employees Housing Society?
  12. Judicial Layout: High Court asks BDA to file report: 9 July 2005
  13. `Judicial Layout lacks basic amenities’ :3 Dec 2006
  14. Panel formed to inspect Judicial Layout: 25 Dec 2006
  15. Confiscate property of Judicial Layout: Kar Jt. Leg. Committe Panel: 22 Aug 2007
  16. Judicial Layout: High Court posts cases for hearing:8 Sept 2007
  17. Illegal Judicial Layout, Bangalore ; being REGULARISED by BBMP Commisioner: Video: 30 Mar 2010
  18. CJI Mr. Justice P. Sathasivam: We call upon you to save Indian Democracy & Judiciary from proven corrupt 867 Judges: 5 Dec, 2013
  19. Advocate moves court over site allotment for 29 High Court Judges ( THE Indian EXPRESS, June 19, 1995 );  JUDGES’ JUDGMENT  ;  Farmers allege land grab by Co-op JUDICIAL HOUSING SOCIETY ; ( THE ASIAN AGE, 10-11-98 ) ;  BDA ensures that buyers’ dream-house stays just so – a dream ; ( THE INDIAN EXPRESS, 24-6-98. ) + Now, there’s a code of conduct for Judges ( THE TIMES OF INDIA, 9-7-1998 ).
  20. Impartial Judiciary a Fundamental Right: R.N. Mittal (Mr. Justice) (Retd.) -Vs- Government Of The Nct Of Delhi on 1 March, 1999
  21.  Present A.G Prof. Ravi Verma Kumar, Advocate for petitioner Site Owners Assn in WP [PIL] 40994/02 [ JUDICIARY  UNMASKED ] , CJ N.K. Jain,   News Paper  2003 reports, High Court Order 2004 etc.

  22. Judicial Layout: High Court directs survey in WP PIL by its 867 Judges-Cum-Allottees: 2007
  23. List of chief ministers of Karnataka & Period of Service: 1947 to 2014
  24. “To array 23 Sitting Judges of Karnataka High Court ‘Res. 9 to 31 as Respondentants'” in I.A .No. II in W.P. No. 35837 OF 1994 [ CS ] [ PIL] 24-06-1995: ILR 1995 KAR 3139
  25. Judges of High Court Hobnobbing with Executive Govt: Tushar Kanti Ghosh AIR 1935 Cal 419
  26. Karnataka Lokayukta Shivaraj Patil in land allotment tangle: 16 Sept 2011
  27. Karnataka Lokayukta Justice Shivara Patil: I was not the only judge to be allotted house site: 18 Sept 2011
  28. Karnataka Lokayukta Justice Shivaraj Patil resigned over Charges of Violating Housing Society Laws: 20 Sept 2011
  29. Karnataka’s Upa Lokayukta Gururajan quits for “Judicial Illegal Site”: 13 Oct 2011
  30. SC Judges HL Dattu,TS Thakur and V.Gopal Gowda + 2 ex-CJIs ignored housing society rules: Dainik Bhaskar: Nov 2011
  31. Karnataka HC reserves judgment in Judicial Layout in three PIL cases: 26 Nov 2011 
  32. Judicious violation in judicial layout: 27 Sept 2011 
  33. Judicial Employees HBCS : [867 CORRUPT] Lords of All They Survey: Tehelka: 03 Dec 2011
  34. Judicial Employees HBCS Secretary’s Family in net over JUDICIAL LAYOUT :Oct 16, 2011
  35. Housing societies in Karnataka become den of scams: October 2012
  36. Lowering of standard of judiciary & selection of Judges on consideration other than fitness: 29 January, 1960
  37. CJ Order under Art. 225: Jyoti Prokash Mitter vs H.K. Bose, Chief Justice Of The … on 3 January, 1962
  38. Karnataka high Court ‘Trying Hard to Legalize 867 Judges & Lokayukta’s 27 Criminal Contmpt Judgments; by Illegal Orders
  39. Income Tax raids on housing co-operative societies: Dec Chronicle: 2 Oct 2013
  40. 2003 to 2005 News Articles of JUDICIAL LAYOUT  in Karnataka High Court 
  41. The complainant against Digvijay Mote editor, in CC 6711/2012: Syed Riyazathullah, P.R.O, Karnataka Lokayukta: Hand Shaking with President of World Bank saying  ‘I am from India’: Dec 8, 2010
  42. Chargesheet served to Rajasthan HC official in sex-scandal: tarnishing the image and credibility of judiciary and character assassination of judges:  Dec 23, 2002 
  43. Karnataka Government’s “Legalizing-Illegal Constructions”, get’s CM’s clearance;  provided High Court’s clearance: 22 May 2014
  44. Judges Integrity. Crimes Punishable under Common Law:
  45. Judicial Integrity Group on : U.N  STANDARDS ON JUDICIARY:-

    3. Commentary on the Bangalore Principles of Judicial Conduct.pdf
    4. Guidelines on the Role of Prosecutors
    5. Procedures for the Effective Implementation of the Basic Principles on the Independence of the Judiciary

  46. H A L L of  S H A M E : Corruption and nepotism have not spared even the highest office of the judiciary
  47. What is the rule of law? ICJ judgement in “Temple of Preah Vihear case of 26 May 1961”
  48. SHAVE JUSTICE: Brother-Judges-Save-867-Corrupt-Brother-Judges
  49. Karnataka Justice G.P. Shivaprakash’s 5 Roles in  JUDICIAL Layout
  50. Supreme Court of India must uphold the rule of law. :Justice was sent on leave in 1990 by then CJI”
  51. Vinay Chandra Mishra as the new advocate general of UP: In 1994, new AG was suspended from legal practice for threatening a judge:9 March  1994 
  52. U.N. Millennium Declaration:Human rights, Democracy &  Good Governance: 18 September 2000
  54. Strengthening basic principles of judicial conduct: G-77 Meeting : 23-27 APRIL 2007
  55. ‘Wine, women’ got him: Court says try Delhi High Court judge Shameet Mukherjee: 26 May 2008
  56. Text of the letter written by CJI K.G. Balakrishnan in “Motion for Removal of Mr. Justice Soumitra Sen: ANNEXURE @ Pages 4 to 8”:4 August, 2008
  57. Jayalalitha claims it was Raja who threatened judge: 7 Feb 2009 
  58. Sack minister mentioned by judge, BJP tells PM (Lead): 30 June 2009 
  59. Karnataka’s Advocates virtual boycott of ‘CJ Dinakaran’: 17 Sep 2009
  60. Top law official suspended, Raja denies wrongdoing: 12 July 2010
  61. Opposition demands PM statement over judge’s charge against minister: 20 July 2009
  62. Supreme Court Judgment on “appointment of Mr. Justice HL Dattu, Mr. Justice AK Ganguly and Mr. Justice RM Lodha” Nov 2010
  63. H.L. Dattu Indian supreme court Judgment ” Citizens right to independent judiciary”: Dattu & 2 Judges’ postings under RTI? SC decides to decide: November 27, 2010
  64. Top judges spar, Gokhale takes on Balakrishnan: 12/14/2010
  65. Did not suppress Madras High Court chief’s report: Balakrishnan:
     15 Dec 2010
  66. SCI 3 Judges incl H.L.Dattu Etc :-Supreme Court to proceed against Prashant Bhushan in contempt case:14 Jan 2011
  67. Apex court: Justice D.K. Jain and Justice H.L. Dattu Bench ‘nod to probe against former Tamil Nadu Bar Council head’: 31 Jan 2011 
  68. Singhvi & Dattu: Land Acquisition Act is a fraud: Supreme Court: August 04, 2011
  69. Bhandari & Dattu: Supreme Court has propounded a new doctrine laying down eight cardinal principles for the judiciary in order to prevent unscrupulous litigants from misusing the legal process and turning it into a “fruitful industry.”: 14 Aug 2011
  70. Bias Discussed: Justice P.D. Dinakaran vs Judges Inquiry Committee & Anr. on 26 August, 2011
  71. Judicious violation in judicial layout: 27 Sept 2011 
  72. CANON OF JUDICIAL ETHICS – Supreme Court of India : 3.11.2007
  73. Justice is blind: Judges allotted land illegally in Karnataka: 17 November 2011
  74. Judgment obtained by fraud a nullity, rules Supreme Court: November 17, 2011
  75. “The Entire Karnataka Judicial Department Employees Housing Society is A Black Mark on Karnataka [ Indian ] Judiciary”: Advocate General Prof. Ravi Verma Kumar: 18 Nov 2011
  76. Judicial Employees HBCS : [867 CORRUPT] Lords of All They Survey: Tehelka: 03 Dec 2011
  77. Judicial Employees HBCS Secretary’s Family in net over JUDICIAL LAYOUT :Oct 16, 2011
  78. Judgement are being sold by JUDGES & purchased by MIGHTY: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee: 16 Aug 2012
  79. SCI Bench: A Alam, B.S. Chauhan, V. Gopala Gowda:-“Judge did not  know Criminal case against against him pending”:- M. Manohar Reddy & Anr. vs Union Of India & Ors. on 4 February, 2013
  80. Member of Parilament  Suresh D.K.  clings on to illegal site in Judicial Layout: Aug 6, 2013
  81. SCI: It is a settled legal proposition that Article 14 of the  Constitution is not meant to perpetuate illegality or fraud: August 22, 2013
  82. Dattu & M.Y. Iqbal: Return land first, SC directs Hi-tech group:  22 Oct 2013
  83. #InternJudge: She Will Be Protected: An intern has the protection of the law against a sitting or retired judge and against the Supreme Court of India as an institution: INDIRA JAISING: 25 NOV 2013
  84. CJI: Case of sexual harassment against SC judge an aberration:- Press Trust Of India :
     26 Nov  2013
  85. “Judges with compassion can be counted on fingers”, SCBA President MN Krishnamani in his Law Day address: 26 Nov 2013
  86. Sup Court Bar Assn. Preident for installation of cameras inside judges’ chambers : 
     26 Nov, 2013
  87. #InternJudge: JUDICIARY: SEXUAL HARASSMENT Your Honour Lost: 1 Dec 2013
  88. CJI, H.L. Dattu & two SCI Judges: SC SEXUAL HARASSMENT CHARGE: ‘No Further Follow Up Action Is Required By This Court’:
     5 DEC 2013
  89. ‘Unwelcome conduct of sexual nature’ by Justice AK Ganguly, says Supreme Court inquiry: 5 Dec 2013
  90. Supreme Court can’t wash its hands off Justice Ganguly case: Arun Jaitley and Kapil Sibal: 6 Dec 2013
  91. Cabinet clears note against former SC judge A K Ganguly: 3 Jan 2013
  92. Sexual harassment: different standards for judiciary? Video 46 Mins: 3 Dec 2013
  93. India ranks 94th on global corruption perception index: 4 Dec, 2013
  94. Anna Hazare: said that he will remain on fast until the anti-graft bill was not introduced: 9 Dec 2013
  95. Appoint KSHRC Chief Soon: Karnataka High Court: 10th Dec 2013
  96. Rajasthan HC judge puts daughter under house arrest: Dec 16, 2013
  97. SC H.L.Dattu Bench allows Rajasthan HC judge’s daughter to marry man of her choice: : 16 Dec, 2013
  98. #InternJudge: Followed me into elevator, said don’t leave: the statement against Justice Ganguly: 16 Dec 2013
  99. #InternJudge: Disappointed that SC has not taken AK Ganguly case further: Kapil Sibal: 16 Dec, 2013
  100. Hazare movement has opened new dimensions of democracy: Pranab: 19, Dec  2013
  101. Who will judge the judges? Transfer and Removal of Judges: 9 Dec,2013 
  102. #InternJudge Justice AK Ganguly takes suo motu cognisance of outraging modesty of girl : 17 Dec, 2013
  103. LS paralysed over demand for AK Ganguly’s removal: Dec 17, 2013
  104. Bangalore Housing society allegedly forges BDA official’s signature:
     18 Dec, 2013
  105. Corrupt SC Judge R.V. Raveendran Declined: Darmar Murugesan will be Karnataka HRC chairman: 18 Dec, 2013
  106. BDA withdraws sites from errant society: 19 Dec, 2013
  107. SC judge Justice Lodha rules himself out of Lokpal race: 3 Jan 2014
  108. Justice H.L. Dattu & Justice NagappanPunjab ex-judge Nirmal Yadav to be tried in cash-at-doorstep case:3  Jan 2014
  109. Justice Ganguly, indicted for sexual harassment, has quit as West Bengal rights panel chief: 6 Jan 2014
  110. Resisting Brahmin judges, over 15,000 advocates boycott Madras High Court proceedings: 8 Jan 2014
  111. T.N. High court to move Supreme Court on judges’ appointments, seeks to get stay lifted: 10 Jan 2014
  112. Lawyer will move SC today against Swatanter Kumar SCI Ex-Judge on sexual harassment charges : 13 Jan 2013
  113. Law intern moves Supreme Court for inquiry against ex-judge: 13 Jan 2014
  114. Indian Judiciary stares at morality crisis: Here is a look at the judges who have been in the news for all the wrong reasons: 13 Jan 2014
  115. Sexual harassment: Supreme Court moves on law graduate’s plea :
    15 Jan 2014
  116. All India Bar Association to boycott Swatanter Kumar’s NGT court: 15 Jan 2014
  117. The SCI Judges’ dilemma: should leave complaints against members of the superior judiciary to routine judicial processes such as a criminal complaint; EDITORIAL:Jan16, 2014
  118. CJI nominates Justice Dattu to Lokpal selection panel: 3 Feb 2014
  119. Charges framed against Nirmal Yadav in cash-at-judge’s door case:
    18 Jan 2014
  120. SCI Judgment in”Punish cops who file false charges” :20 Jan 2014
  121. Justice C S Karnan accuses CJI in Judges appointment matter: 21 Jan 2014
  122. Kapil Sibal calls for more accountability in higher judiciary: 12 Feb 2014
  123. Law minister Sibal not properly informed: Chief Justice of India after comment on judges’ accountability: 13 Feb 2014
  124. Madras HC becoming subject of public ridicule: CJ Agrawal: 14 Feb 2014
  125. Bihar Cabinet Approves Dismissal of Three Judges: 12th February 2014
  126. My dear Chagla: High Court Chief Justices are now considered inferior to Supreme Court judges. It was not always so:  February 7, 2014
  127. CBI judge suspended for ‘taking bribe’
  128. Apartments Complex : Anriya Greinberg – Judiciary Layout, Bangalore – YouTube

  129. Dushyant Dave writes CJI Sathasivam on “gross abuse of judicial power”; Seeks recall of order .6 Mar 2014..
  130. Supreme Court extends time limit for police to register FIRs from a week to 15 days 6 Mar 2014

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