[01]The Administrative Training Institute, Govt. of Karnataka, Mysore
HBCS: Karnataka Rev Dept:  in Four Parts; 1981 to 1997;
Compendium Of GOs, Letters, Circulars On LA,BDA,UD Etc.,

[A] Part-1: Cover Page, Preface, Index to Book [Read More ]
[B] Part-2: Pages 002 to 173 of Book [Read More ]
[C] Part-3: Pages 201 to 240 of Book [Read More ]
[D] Part-4: Pages 241 to 287  of Book [Read More ]

[02] Bangalore Development Authority. 1995 Comprehensive Development Plan;
Introduction to CDP. Residential Layouts.Annexure No.-IV. CA.Parks. Open Area
50%. Residences in 50%. 10 (14) Pages [ Read More ]




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