1. CJs-CMs-Conspiracy-4pgs [ Read More:  CJs-CMs-Conspiracy-4pgs ]
  2. CJ-CM-AG-Conspiracy-6pgs [Read More: CJ-CM-AG-Conspiracy-6pgs]
  3. Anarchy-CJ-CM-DG-IGP-20 pgs. [ Read More: Anarchy-CJ-CM-DG-IGP-20 pgs ]
  4. CJs-CMs-LokAykata-Conspiracies-51pgs. [ Read More: CJs-CMs-LokAykata-Conspiracies-51pgs  ]
  5. CC 6711/12: Court order in Four pages; transferring case to Karnataka High Court on 22 Oct, 2013 [ 4pgs.6711-12.CrtOrder Sec 407 ]
  6. 22 Pages: CC 6711/12: Court Order Transferring Case to High Court [   22pgsCC.6711-12.-OrderSheet.Complnt ] 
  7. Two Pages: Acknowlegdements of HC, SPP, Police Commissioner, DGIG etc.,  of having received 102 pages document filed in ACMM-VIII Court. [ 2pgs.Cc6711-12.102pgsHC-N-PoliceAckledgments ]
  8. Five pages: Complaint to Chief Minister of Anrachy of 867 Judges & Lokayuktas, Home Secretary direction to DGIG & DGIG Replies [ 5pgs.CM-DirectnToDgig.Reply ]
  9. Retired SCI Chief Justices of India: 1950-2014 [Read More ]
  11. Retired SCI Judges:- [Read More ]
  12. SCI Order dated 4 March 2014 , Sentencing Roy to Jail:  in CONTEMPT PETITION (CIVIL) NO. 412 OF 2012 “S.E.B.I. ……PETITIONER(S) -Vs- SAHARA INDIA REAL ESTATE CORP. LTD. & ORS 
  13. SCI website : Order dt. 04/03/2014 – CONTEMPT PETITION (CIVIL) NO. 412 OF 2012 IN CIVIL APPEAL NO. 9813 OF 2011 S.E.B.I. Vs. SAHARA INDIA REAL ESTATE CORP. LTD. & ORS.  
  14. Order dt. 26/02/2014 – CONTEMPT PETITION (CIVIL) NO. 412 OF 2012 IN CIVIL APPEAL NO. 9813 OF 2011 S.E.B.I. Vs. SAHARA INDIA REAL ESTATE CORP. LTD. & ORS. 
  15. Rajeshwar Singh vs Subrata Roy Sahara & Ors. on … – Indian Kanoon
    Dec 9, 2013 – Rajeshwar Singh vs Subrata Roy Sahara & Ors. on 9 December, 2013 …
    respondent, submitted that this contempt petition is not maintainable …
  16. Inquiry into the allegations of sexual harassment levelled by an intern against a former Supreme Court Judge.  = Not to entertain on Adminstartive side Complaints against Retired SCI Judges: Full Court Decision
  17. H.L. Dattu dismissed W.P:-  Hon’ble Court Order dt. 07/02/2013 – W.P.(C) No.85/2014 Manohar Lal Sharma, Advocate Vs. Union of India & Anr. 
  18. Order dt.13.01.2014 – R.G HIGH COURT OF MADRAS VERSUS R. GANDHI & ORS ….. = Secondly, it has submitted that one of the Hon’ble Judge has entered into the Court and made certain suggestions to the Bench hearing the case and there had been commotion in the Court, therefore, there is no conducive atmosphere where the matter should be permitted to be continued with the said High Court.
  19. Order dt. 13/11/2013 WP(C)No.398/2010 Ratan N.Tata Vs. Union of India & Ors. 

    Supreme Court of India:
  20. Law Day speech by Hon’ble Shri S.H. Kapadia, Chief Justice of India at the Supreme Court Lawns on 26th November, 2011 : News: If anyone knows a Judge is beleived to be corrupt; Take a Stand & Name him in Public & Tell the Chief Justice– Hon’ble Shri S.H. Kapadia, Chief Justice of India. 26 Nov 2011 
  21. 26Pgs.LA.Int &ModOrder.CJ.RamkrishnaLtr-Etc = 867 Judges & Lokayuktas’ Criminal Conspiracies with Chief Ministers of Karnataka: Judicial Layout Writ Petitions PendingIn Karnataka High court:viz., [ 1]WP [PIL] 40994/2002 : Index To Memorandum of Writ Petition [ Read More ] . [ 2] WP [PIL] No. 7105 of 2007: Index to Petition [ Read More ]Crux: Justice G.P. Shivaprakash petitions along with  Two more Judge-Employee-Beneficiary Petitioners; claim “Judicial Layout is Above Law. There are many Skeletons in Closet. Seek CBI Investigations. Scanned Writ Petition Synopsis, List of Dates, WP, Anexures 078.02 . [3]WP.13261/2006 : Two Kar HC Judges-Employee-Claim-Society-Cheated-Them.
  22. Scanned in Three Parts. Part-1: Index, Synopsis Pages 6. ; Part-II Writ Petition. 23 Pages .    Part-III Annexures ‘A’ to ‘H’. Pages 118 .
  23. Past in 2007  Supreme Court: 4] S.L.P No. 5057/2007:By Judicial Dept Emp HBCS against High Court Contempt Proceedings in C.C.C. 87/2004. Disposed-Off by Supreme Court; directing Society to raise the Questions before High Court. Scanned in Three Parts: Part-I Orders, List Of Annexures, Synopsis 33 pages[ Read More ].  Part-II: Special Leave Petition. 17 Pages[Read More] .Part-III: “Annexures ‘P1’ to ‘P-16”. 72 Pages [ Read More ]
    Few Judgments; which may not be in websites:
  24. [00] Supreme Court Finding: in Society’s   SLP No.12153 of 2000 [026.22]  & List of Dates [ List of Dates [026.22A]  .  is  SC.Judgment..Society Need Not Pay Convertion Fine. Revenue Site Owners have to Pay .  Means, that Site Owners have to Cough-up conversion Charge as any other Revenue Site owners, including 867 Judges. Then, if so, how can B.D.A approve Revenue Layout; as until other-side of Bellary Road,  BDA has acquired Lands including Revenue Sites for Arkavati Layout, BDA Stopped Short or Scared Judiciary? 
  25.  SC.Judgment.27 Apl, 2004.Society Need Not Pay Convertion Fine. Revenue Site Owners have to Pay
  26.  12, Apl,2006; Kar HC: Society Need Not Pay Convertion Fine, Est Cost & Litigation Cost. J.B. Padmraj & J. Abdul Nazeer.24pgs.
    Documents Related to Judicial Layout Writ Petitions are as follow:
  27. Kar Jud Dept Emp HBCS: Members.3280.Pages 184.Till 2005?pdf
    [1A] 2516 Members List.Assorted.Till 23 Apl,1999. :[ Read More ]
    [1B] 2516  Members List – 23 April, 1999. Date of Enrolment [ Read More ]
    [1C] Scanned. 23 Apl,1990. Typed Members List [  Click Here ]
    [1D] Hand Written. 23 Apl,1990. Typed Members List [ Click Here ]
  28. SaleDeeds. 2260.AsOf 2003.55 Pages.pdf
  29. 37Acres.320Sites.6 Pages.pdf . 3280 Members-Cum-Judges.Pages 184 [ Read More ]
  30. JL.00.Hindu.21Oct2009.JudicialIntegrity.LessonsFromPast.AnilDiwan.2 Pages
  31. JL.01.L.A.Denotification1985.Three16[2].13 Pages
  32. JL.02.Govt.Home.DPAR.Reply.4 Pages
  33. JL.03.23Apl2010.JudEmpHBCS.SCI.CallingJudgesDetails.2GBench.7 Pages
  34.  JL.04.28.June.07.CM.PrlSecyToInitaiteActionOnLegReportLtrTo.UD.BDA.8(4 Pages)
  35. JL.05.KarJtLegComReport-IIJuly07.KanPressRelease.JudEHBCS.31 Pages
  36. JL.06.KarAssemblyDebate27July2005.Kannad.8 Pages
  37. JL.07A.120 VVIP Pages
  38. Pages
  39. JL.07C.JudLayout-II.13HC Judges.Plus 207 SiteOwners.8 Pages
  40. JL.08.WP.4099402.BDA.TPM.Deposition..13July2007.Pages10
  41. JL.09.40994.02.BBMP.Com.MeenaSignedKanReport.ToKarHC.181Acres.10 Pages
  42. JL.10.JudLout.23Nov07.16Charges.RegrCo-Op.12 Pages
  43. JL.11.40994.02AdvGenLtrToGovt.11Mar2005.4 Pages
  44. JL.13.40994.02.SocietyFinal.Wrtn.Stment.5Dec2011.17 Pages
  45. JL. 12 Missing or Wrong Count ?
  46. JL.14.40994.02SocityPolCrimlCompAgnstSecy.9-10Mar.2006.5 Pages
  47. JL.15.JL.12.40994.02JudLoutResAssnPetn.FinalWrtStatement.30Dec.2011.39 Pages.

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