1. Five pages: Complaint to Chief Minister of Anrachy of 867 Judges & Lokayuktas, Home Secretary direction to DGIG & DGIG Replies
    ………[ 5pgs.CM-DirectnToDgig.Reply ]
  2. Two Pages: Acknowlegdements of HC, SPP, Police Commissioner, DGIG etc.,  of having received 102 pages document filed in ACMM-VIII Court. [ 2pgs.Cc6711-12.102pgsHC-N-PoliceAckledgments ]
  3. Result of putting on web made many including Karnataka Legislature speaking of RAMPANT CORRUPTION LOKAYUKTA & INDIAN JUDICIARY in 2005 GIST. Complete Karnataka Legislature debate is in MEMO FOR DISCHARGE IN C.C. NO. 6711/2012, A CASE BY Lokayukta P.R.O –Vs- Digvijay Mote. The select paras reads thus :- [44-A] The Karnataka Assembly Debated the Lokayukta Institutional Corruption vis-à-vis JUDICIAL Layout, LOKAYUKTA INSTITUTIONAL CORRUPTION, on 27th July, 2005 and the debate though amounts to Criminal Contempt and Constitution India forbids all State Assemblies under Article 211. The Article reads thus:-Restriction on discussion in the Legislature: “No discussion shall take place in the Legislature of a State with respect to the conduct of any Judge of the Supreme Court or of a High Court in the discharge of his duties”.[44-B]  Karnataka Legislature speaking of RAMPANT CORRUPTION LOKAYUKTA & INDIAN JUDICIARY:- Lokayukta Institutional Corruption; which is as follows in SCANNED as is FORM at pages 27 to 42  [ Read More ]; the debate was widely broadcasted on T.V., published many local and national news papers also. Despite Supreme Court, Karnataka High court, Karnataka Lokayukta having read the news neither any Judge nor P.I.L or Police Complaint was lodged against M.L.A.s or Speaker allowing debate against 867 Judges involved in JUDICIAL Layout , Bangalore.
  5. CC 6711/12: Court order in Four pages; transferring case to Karnataka High Court on 22 Oct, 2013 [ 4pgs.6711-12.CrtOrder Sec 407 ]
  6. MEMO dated 24 August, 2013 in C.C.NO.6711 OF 2012; to make an Early Order & Report
  7. Application For Transfer To  High Court u/s 479  r/w 407 of  Cr.P.C
    Filed on 31.7.13  in CC 6711/12.  P.R.O, LOKAYUKTA Vs Digvijay Mote
  8. C.C. 6711/2012.Charges.6/6/12.Judge.Nagalinganagouda Patil . Framed. Cancelled Etc.Pages 15 .
  9. Scanned Copy With Acknowledgements: 25 Pages  [ 20.6.14-Cmm-LegalAid-With-7Anns-25pgs ] : HUMBLE APPEAL TO PROVIDE FREE LEGAL AID TO ME BY A SENIOR ADVOCATE TO ASSIST ME TO CONDUCT MY CASE IN C.C. 6711/2012 : 20 June 2014
  10. 22 Pages: CC 6711/12: Court Order Transferring Case to High Court
    ……..[  22pgsCC.6711-12.-OrderSheet.Complnt ] 
    1. On the File of Ho’ble Chief Justice Of Karnataka
    2. 14.04.2014:- ; but was rejected , and was directed to file in “PROPER WAY”!
    3. Gist Of Direct BIAS, FRAUD & Contempt in”Crl.RC.01/2014 = “ 867 Judges & Lokayuktas’” = MEMO BY Respondent /Accused in Person”, filed in CH 06 in Karnataka HC dated 14.04.14″
    4. PETITION BEFORE HON’BLE CHIEF JUSTICE, HIGH COURT OF KARNATAKA Under Articles 225, 227 r/w Sec. 482, 407 of Cr.P.C In “Criminal Transferred Case No. 6711/12″ dated 21.014.2014. Registered in Chief Justice office as CJC 1001/14
  11.  CC6711.12.Part-I.ACMM Original.Colored.Order.Sheets- Three Parts
  12.  CC6711.12.Part-I.ACMM Original.Colored.Order.SheetTill 6June12.Pages8 . 
  13.  CC6711.12Part-II.Colored.Original.6June2012Chages.ChrgeSheet. 
  14. FIR.Complaint.Evidences.42Pages
  15.  Part-III.CC 6711.2012. Colred.Originl. CrimeDiary.No.57.2011.Pages 12
  16.  CC6711.12.Part-I.ACMM Black & White.Order.Sheets- Three Parts
  17. C.C. 6711/2012: I.P.C. Sections 341, 504 and 506 The F.I.R and Complaint of Mr. Syed Riazutulla, P.R.O, Karnataka Lokayukta, Bangalore
  18.  01.C.C. 6711/2012.Charges.6/6/12.Judge.Nagalinganagouda PatilEtc.Pages 15 .
  19. [02] CC 6711/2012 in Three Parts: Part-I;    015 Pages  [Scan.CC.6711.12.Pt-I.Pgs15]. Part-II;  107 Pages[Scan.CC.6711.12.Pt-II.Pgs107 ]. Part-III; 015 pages[Scan.CC.6711.12.Pt-III.Pgs15].
  20. Old.C.C.6711/2012.ChargeSheet.FIR.Pamphlets.WitnessStMents.Evidences.107pages
  21. CC6711/12.CrimeNo.58 Of 11.VidPolStn.12pages
  22. Complainant in C.C. 6711/2012 Syed Riazutulla, P.R.O, Karnataka Lokayukta. [ Assets Page on Lokayukta website]
  23. Complainant in C.C. 6711/2012 Syed Riazutulla, P.R.O, Karnataka Lokayukta i.e., Mr. Riaz was selected by Government of India to represent India in “The World Bank sponsored ‘International Corruption Hunters Alliance  Event’ in year 2010” and Riaz participated in the Event. The Event was at Washington DC, United States of America. In the Video hosted by World Bank on Dec 8, 2010, he is seen Thrice in Video. In the beginning in few Rows behind, while hearing the Speech and later “he Hand Shaking with President of World Bank saying ‘I am from India’” in the said Conference. While no other participants dare to do it!



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