Justice G.P. Shivaprakash’s 5 Roles in JUDICIAL Layout


Links to all Files , Evidences will be given shortly. 25 July.2012

Justice G.P. Shivaprakash’s Role in  JUDICIAL Layout: Karnataka High Court Judge & Up-Lokayukta

A ] LA Act was amended in 1984 to bring LA for HBCS into Part-VII for Company Purpose.
Accordingly Jud Emp HBCS signed Agreement in 1988. Same was presented to HC in Land Conversion case to S. Rajendra Babu.  He did not take Notice. Society time & again gas narrated in WPs of Agreement.
B] SCI & Kar  HC held such Agreement signed is to acquire for Company. LA was set aside.
C] Society schematically violated all Terms of Agreement & every Law by Judgments; which it adduces before Up-Lokayukta, Kar HC in 40994/02.
D] It even received Compensation for 87 Acres of Lands acquired under Rule 10[B] of LA Company Rules. Kar HC in Amarjyothi HBCS set aside LA, as Rangadhama Setty, President…

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