Subject:- Dear PM, Karnataka CM , CBI, Police DGIG- Jail- Emp-Cum-CJIs & 867 -Employee-Cum-Judges . ABORT ANARCHY & DELAY in Justice Delivery India, Karnataka. Attract HUGE Foreign & Indian INVESTMENTS : CJI & PM – 25 Oct 2016 [Email No. 587 / 10000 ]

PM Modi , Ravi Shnkar Prasad, The Union Law Law Minister ,
Karnataka CM , CBI & Karnataka DGIG of Police

Your References:-
1. Justice delay keeps investors away: EMPLOYEE-Cum-CJI-T.S.Thakur
2. PM Modi : Ease of DOING Business keeps AWAY FOREIGN INVESTORS 

Our References:-

  1. Foreign Investors in BE-AWARE of INVESTING in INDIA! For litigating insist as International Court of justice NOT Indian Courts- 23 Oct 2016
  2. Employee-Cum-CJI Dattu initiates process for appointment of Employee-Cum-Chief Justice-of-India TS Thakur J. as next CJI- November 4, 2015
  3. FB 678-I: INDIA need clean men in Black Robes-CJI Kapadia:- But Karnataka High Court protecting “Most notorious, Corrupt, Criminals viz., H.L. Dattu, T.S.Thakur, V.Gopal Gowda amongst 867 Judges-Cum-Employees of Judicial Dept. Employees Cooperative HBCS; who MUST HAVE BEEN in JAIL” 21 Mar 2014
  5. SCI directed FREEZING BCCI’s Bank ACCOUNTS & Financial transactions. Justice. Katju’s & BCCI’s Black Mailing Supreme Court + creating ANARCHY FAILED. Supreme Court’s SUPREME AUTHORITY of JUDICIARY upheld by its other Judges, though EMPLOYEE-cum-CJI Thakur headed Bench – 21 Oct 2016
  6. Indian DEMOCRACY is in DANGER; when 867 Judges,
    who have NEVER Learned to OBEY the LAW Are given THE RIGHT to COMMAND”.

1. We have been insisting since 18 years to Jail Corrupt Judges; so that Investors & Public confidence is ENHANCED.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi with CJI Justice, T. S. Thakur at a function in New Delhi on Sunday. Photo: Shanker Chakravarty

2. Alass! The Judiciary ,Your predecessors,YOU THE PM,
Karnataka CMs, DG & IG Police, IAS & IPS   are HELL BENT schematically using THE JUDICIARY AS FOOT MAT; by using out JUDICIAL INVESTIGATED 867 EMPLOYEE-Cum-CJIs , Employee-Cum-Judges &  EMPLOYEE-Cum-Lokayuktas spread across length & Breadth.

3. Thanks for BCCI the Indian Cricket Board for violating SCI Orders & Judgments, using our INFO. Contempt.

4. The PM Modi claims NO PLCE for ANARCHY in INDIA  & PM Modi Make India Corruption Free:
Prosecute & Jail Corrupt 867 Judges = Activate JUDICIARY

5. We can assist you in TAMING Corrupt Judges including CJI Thakur T.S the Head of Indian JUDICIARY to whom BCCI’s LEGAL Head Justice Markandeya Katju has DIRECYED TO COME CLEAN .

6. So too me Digvijay Mote & My family can assist in Strengthening MoP in appointment of judges to Constitutional courts of India , initiating criminal prosecution of

 7. Sixteen years Judicial Investigation is self explanatory as detailed in web sites.

Await Your kind response in as you claim in International Fora of CLEANSING of  Indian Corrupt Judiciary; so as to ENABLE not only Indian Investors but Foreign Huge Investments.

With High Regards

Digvijay mote

Justice Investigator. Editor, ,

+91 9742156000

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