Employee-Cum-CJI Dattu initiates process for appointment of Employee-Cum-Chief Justice-of-India TS Thakur J. as next CJI- November 4, 2015

Come clean Justice EMPLOYEES-Cum-Chief-Of-India T.S.Thakr & Gang of Employees-Cum-CJIs Gang of 867 Employee-Cum-Judges & Lokayktas
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I [Justice Markandeya Katju ] am informed that the BCCI case is coming up before the Supreme Court today in the bench presided over by CJI Thakur. I am also informed that a request will be made to issue contempt of court notice to me.
Well, the Court may do so. But Justice Thakur should also explain whether it is true whether he got land allotted to himself in Bangalore ( when he was a Judge of Karnataka High Court ) which was earmarked for employees of the Karnataka High Court. A High Court Judge is a constitutional authority, not an employee of the High Court or anyone else. If this is true, is it not corruption ? And should not a CJI, like Caesar’s wife, be above suspicion ?
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Chief Justice of India HL Dattu has initiated the process for appointment ofts-thakur-judge1 Justice TS Thakur as the next CJI. According to Times of India, Justice Dattu has recommended the name of Justice Thakur to the government to take over as his successor!? .


The recommendation will be sent to the Law Ministry which will then forward it to the Prime Minister’s Office for approval. It will then be sent to the President for his approval – the final leg of the process.

Thakur J., enrolled at the Bar in 1972 and began his practice in High Court of Jammu & Kashmir. He was designated a Senior Advocate in the year 1990. He was elevated to the Bench in 1994 and served as judge of the High Courts of Jammu & Kashmir, Karnataka, and Delhi.

He took over as Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana on August 11, 2008 and was elevated to the Supreme Court on November 17, 2009. He will retire on January 4, 2017 and will have a tenure of more than a year as the CJI.

The current Chief Justice HL Dattu will retire on December 2 this year.

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Website of Supreme Court of India

CJI Dattu initiates process for appointment of TS Thakur J. as next CJI


IN Depth reading:-

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The Emp-Cum CJI
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