Indian SCI Justice Markandeya Katju:- My Lord. Alike Caesar’s wife, you CJI must be above suspicion –You are NOT CJI; BUT an Employee-Cum-CJI, Site Grabber of Employee in Judicial Layout, Bangalore -18 September 2016

SATYAM BRUYAT – Justice Katju
Justice Katju:- My Lord.Caesar’s wife, alike CJI must be above suspicion -CJI an Employee Site Grabber in Judicial Layout, Bangalore – 18 September 2016 , , Tweet @justicekatju 
Caesar’s wife

Justice Thakur, it is time now to ask you a direct question.
When you were a judge in Karnataka High Court, there were some plots of land in Bangalore for allotment to employees of the Karnataka High Court. Is it correct that you got one plot allotted to yourself ?

A High Court Judge is not an employee of the High Court, in fact he is not anyone’s employee. He is a Constitutional authority. So if the allegation is correct, how could you get a plot meant for Karnataka High Court employees allotted to yourself ? Is this not corruption ?
It is time to come clean on this My Lord. After all, like Caesar’s wife, a CJI must be above suspicion.
Posted by Justice Markandey Katju at Sunday, September 18, 2016 2 Comments

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From:- Digvijay  Mote

Dear Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon’ble Union minister for Law & Justice, New Delhi. India
:- [1] “Indian DEMOCRACY is in DANGER; when 867 Judgeswho have NEVER Learned to OBEY the LAW Are given THE RIGHT to COMMAND”.
[2] To ABORT ANARCHY & Make India Corruption Free: Prosecute & Jail Corrupt 867 Judges = Activate JUDICIARY –

We,  , can assist you in TAMING Corrupt Judges including CJI Thakur T.S., Gopal Gowda; so too in Strengthening MoP in appointment of judges to Constitutional courts of India , initiating criminal prosecution of

Sixteen years Judicial Investigation is self explanatory as detailed in web sites.  Page 1/2





Page 2/2 – Non Prosecution of present Employee-Cum-CJI Thakur T.S including his preceding Employee-Cum-CJIs viz., H.L. Dattu. S.Rajendra Babu, M.N. Venkatachaliaha, Bombay High Court Employee-Cum-Chief Justice Mrs. Manjula Chellur , Kerala Employee-Cum-Chief-Justice Mohan Shantan Gowda & Gang of white Collared 867 Employee-Cum-Judges Criminals people shall use it as WHITE MAIL to get Orders, Bail, Judgments etc.,.

In the present case Hon’ble Justice whom I have been feeding info by Email, website, FB, etc.,  information  to use the judicial info for His protection in inter alia Caesar’s wife. ButKatju made Supreme Court into impotent  and SCI &  Thakur. Bench has FAILED to enforce its orders & Judgments including SCI appointed Ex. CJI Lodha Appointed Commission to tame IPL , BCCI   .

Many are suspecting that  SATYAM BRUYAT – Justice Katju in Caesar’s wife , SCI appointed Ex. CJI Lodha Appointed Commission to tame IPL , BCCI etc., Justice Katju is given Rs. 25 Crores by Anurag Singh Thakur , Shirke , Sharad Pawar  etc., the MP of Loka Sabha Cum President of BCCI & Gang for SATYAM BRUYAT – Justice Katju‘s assistance in perverting & questioning Supreme Authority of Supreme Court, i.e., CJI Thakur, Retd. SCI Judge colluding with litigants and creating ANARCHY! 

The worst is many cases across Indian courts, it is learnt that Judges, Advocates, Karnataka ministers , IAS., IPS., private public , MNCs , Property Developers , are also using similar / other methods, by using contents of our investigations in various Civil & Criminal Cases in Lower Courts / Magistrate Courts, District Courts, Indian High Courts , Supreme court of India , and are getting their respective Illegal Prayers / Orders / Judgments!

This Message is being sent to President of India, ALL MPs, CBI, DGIG Police Om Prakash, and world wide

Await Your kind response in CLEANSING of  Indian Corrupt Judiciary.

With High Regards,

Digvijay  Mote .  Justice Investigator. Editor, , ,

+91 9742156000
[Videos : [01]  NDTV 2007   [ 02 ] Judicial Layout, Bangalore = Illegal Layout; being REGULARISED
Email Sent to all MPs, CBI, Police , IAS , IPS , etc [refer blog ]


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