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“Indian DEMOCRACY is in DANGER; when 867 Judges, who have NEVER Learned to OBEY the LAW Are given THE RIGHT to COMMAND”
To Make India Corruption Free: To Activate JUDICIARY =
 Jail Corrupt 867 Judges by Judges, For Judges = http://indiancorruptjudges.com/


The scam

  • Karnataka Lokayukta Y Bhaskar Rao’s son Ashwin and his associates ran an extortion racket
  • They would threaten officials with ‘raids’ and demand money to stop them
  • It is estimated that they made around Rs 200 crore before the lid was blown off the scam
  • They used Rao’s office and residence to run this scam
  • Ashwin and Syed Riyaz, the masterminds, are now in custody
How the Bhaskar Rao case has dismantled the Karnataka Lokayukta
Opposition Seeks Impeachment Motion Against Lokayukta

Congress joins ‘oust-Justice Rao’ party

NEWS9: Chorus grows but Lokayukta is adament – YouTube
How Lokayukta Bhaskar Rao is holding Karnataka to ransom
Karnataka Lokayukta’s impeachment: 83 MLAs sign…

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April 29, 2016 · 9:58

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