Most Hilarious Moments when Rahul Gandhi made whole India Laugh.

There are million moments where Rahul Gandhi aka Pappu has given us a laughter dose, but these 3 moments stands out where the whole of India was going #ROFL. Enjoy these moments.

  1. After Losing the elections in 2014:

The most hilarious moment- It cant get better than this. It was a massive loss, and Congress president Sonia Gandhi was delivering a speech and was taking the responsibility of the defeat. But what took the attention of India was the way Rahul Gandhi behaved. Watch the funniest expressions ever- I am amazed who he was laughing at.

2. The next can be the visit to the students in Bangalore. At times I have noticed that Rahul does not know what he is speaking. So, I feel in the influence of Marijuan he started  criticising the “Clean India” policy of PM Modi. And he believed that students will also criticise it. Lol

Here he got bowled. Students took him on task and gave him a night to remember. Must watch and one of the most viral videos ever.


3. The interview with Arnob Goswami- Man it was hilarious. Arnob asked question ranging from “India’s growth” to “Narendra Modi” to Congress Party. And answer to every question was “Women Empowerment”. Lol..

A must watch.


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