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Karnataka Lokayukta Institutional Corruption / Impeachment of Bhaskar Rao – Karnataka Govt. & Legislature WAKE-Up call since 2003 by our Investigations


“Indian DEMOCRACY is in DANGER; when 867 Judges, who have NEVER Learned to OBEY the LAW Are given THE RIGHT to COMMAND”
To Make India Corruption Free: To Activate JUDICIARY =
 Jail Corrupt 867 Judges by Judges, For Judges =


The scam

  • Karnataka Lokayukta Y Bhaskar Rao’s son Ashwin and his associates ran an extortion racket
  • They would threaten officials with ‘raids’ and demand money to stop them
  • It is estimated that they made around Rs 200 crore before the lid was blown off the scam
  • They used Rao’s office and residence to run this scam
  • Ashwin and Syed Riyaz, the masterminds, are now in custody
How the Bhaskar Rao case has dismantled the Karnataka Lokayukta
Opposition Seeks Impeachment Motion Against Lokayukta

Congress joins ‘oust-Justice Rao’ party

NEWS9: Chorus grows but Lokayukta is adament – YouTube
How Lokayukta Bhaskar Rao is holding Karnataka to ransom
Karnataka Lokayukta’s impeachment: 83 MLAs sign petition
Lokayukta ouster: Congress backs Opposition

How the scam unfolded

Though the scandal has been raging for over three months, Rao has hung on like a leach. The original Act of 1984 provided an iron-clad protection to the office of the Lokayukta, who could be removed only through an impeachment process.

The post of Lokayukta or ombudsman had spread terror among corrupt officials and politicians during Justice Santosh Hegde’s tenure. But Rao’s tenure, which started under the BJP government in 2013, was a complete let down.

While he maintained a very low profile in the first year, some of his officials, led by PRO Syed Riyaz, became hyperactive, opening a secret ‘back channel’ for wheeling and dealing.

Riyaz, a police sub-inspector, buttered his way to an out-of-turn promotion as joint commissioner at the instance of Rao. Riyaz roped in Ashwin, the Lokayukta’s middle-aged son, for all major deals, to give them an ‘official seal’.

Riyaz, Ashwin and their gang would make calls to senior officials and allegedly demand money to prevent ‘raids’.

The gang did not spare even high-ranking secretaries. According to some estimates, the gang had struck over 160 deals, pocketing at least Rs 200 crore, before an upright executive engineer, MN Krishnamurthy, blew the whistle in May when asked to cough up Rs 1 crore.

How the perpetrators were exposed

Krishnamurthy contacted Lokayukta SP Sonia Narang, who quietly made enquiries on her own and dashed off a letter to the registrar.

When Rao also tried to brush things under the carpet, Narang, disregarding her seniors’ counsel, filed an FIR in the High Grounds police station, naming Ashwin as the prime accused.

Rao wrote to the Siddaramaiah government to appoint a special investigation team (SIT), in order to buy time, and his request was accepted.

But the SIT, led by ADGP Kamal Pant, quickly got into the act and arrested three middlemen, before nabbing Ashwin from his father’s apartment in Hyderabad earlier this month. Four others, including Riyaz and V Bhaskar, an accused who has spilled the beans, are also in custody.

The bail application of Ashwin, which came up for hearing before the special Lokayukta court of Justice Bopaiah on 17 August, was rejected. He was remanded to judicial custody till 27 August.

It has now emerged that between January 2014 and June 2015, Rao ‘closed’ around 1,500 cases against officials who were facing various charges of misuse of public funds, sanctioning illegal construction and so on.

Social activists, including 97-year-old Gandhian HS Doreswamy, have expressed apprehensions about so many cases being closed ‘hurriedly’. While they do concede that these could be frivolous complaints which need to be closed, they are demanding a thorough enquiry into the ‘file closer’ in the Lokayukta.

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#Improving Collegium; Send your suggestions to or on or before 13.11.2015

Supreme Court of India, upon hearing Senior Advocate Arvind Datar, Additional Solicitor General, Pinky Anand and Attorney General, Mukul Rohtagi have directed the Government to web-host the compilation of suggestions to improve collegium system and issue a public notice. The Court said that all those who desire to make suggestions may do so directly, on the website of Department of Justice, Ministry of Law and Justice, New Delhi. The court said that the suggestions received by 5pm on 13.11.2015 will be entertained.  Suggestions are to be made in the four categories.

  • Transparency
  • Collegium Secretariat
  • Eligibility criteria
  • Complaints

Department of Justice is also directed to forward all those suggestions they received before the date aforesaid, to the concerned counsel for compilation. The matter is listed for a two day hearing commencing on 18th of this month. The Court also said that it will hear only those counsel who are shortlisted by a committee comprising of Attorney General, Bar Council of India chairman and Senior Advocate Fali S. Nariman.

Department of Justice portal has requested the public to email their suggestions to    or They have also published a Public notice inviting suggestions in newspapers.

Additional Solicitor General Pinky Anand and Senior Advocate Arvind Datar had submitted a report compiling the suggestionsthey received from various association and individuals. The report says that they received over 60 representations from various associations and individuals.

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Our Notes:- For PLOT of Land meant for EMPLOYEES of COURTS holding PUBLIC OFFICE, CJI Dattu, CJI-In-Waiting T.S.Thakur committed illegality,irregularity, corruption, nepotism and favouritism in judicial institutions; by becoming Members of  KARNATAKA STATE JUDICIAL DEPARTMENT EMPLOYEES HOUSE BUILDING CO-OP SOCIETY, Bangalore






(Arising out of SLP (C) No. 26090 of 2011)

Renu & Ors. …Appellants Versus District & Sessions Judge, Tis Hazari & Anr. …Respondents

SC- Sets up panel



Para-2: It has been suggested by the learned counsel appearing
in the matter that this court has a duty not only to check illegality,
irregularity, corruption, nepotism and favouritism in judicial
institutions, but also to provide guidelines to prevent the menace of
back-door entries of employees who subsequently are ordered to be


Transparent system will bring accountability: Mukul Rohtagi on collegium system – Video

Katju’s allegations cannot be undermined: Justice AP Shah – Video

CJI in waiting

CJI in waiting

CJI H.L. Dattu & Gang of Criminal Contemners of '120 SCI & HC EMPLOYEE-CUM-JUDGES': “The Judges With Plots” DNA News. 22nd Nov,2011 Full Page Article

CJI H.L. Dattu & Gang of Criminal Contemners of ‘120 SCI & HC EMPLOYEE-CUM-JUDGES’: “The Judges With Plots” DNA News. 22nd Nov,2011 Full Page Article

Para-4:Our basic concern is that the appointments
in judicial institutions must be made on the touchstone of equality of
opportunity enshrined in Article 14 read with Article 16 of the
Constitution of India, 1950 (hereinafter referred to as the
`Constitution’) and under no circumstance any appointment which is
illegal should be saved for the reason that the grievance of the people
at large is that complete darkness in the light house has to be removed.
The judiciary which raises a finger towards actions of every other
wing of the society cannot afford to have this kind of accusations
against itself.


Para -6: The aforesaid provision is in consonance with the legal
principle of “Rule of Law” and they remind us of the famous words of
the English jurist, Henry de Bracton – “The King is under no man but
under God and the Law”.

CJI in waiting


No one is above law. The dictum – “Be you
ever so high, the law is above you” is applicable to all, irrespective of
his status, religion, caste, creed, sex or culture. The Constitution is the
supreme law.

CJI R.M. Lodha-4th

All the institutions, be it legislature, executive or judiciary, being created under the Constitution, cannot ignore it.

CJI H.L. Dattu & Gang of Criminal Contemners of ‘120 SCI & HC EMPLOYEE-CUM-JUDGES': “Plot Thickens My Lord” DNA News. 23nd Nov,2011 Full Page Article

CJI H.L. Dattu & Gang of Criminal Contemners of ‘120 SCI & HC EMPLOYEE-CUM-JUDGES’: “Plot Thickens My Lord” DNA News. 23nd Nov,2011 Full Page Article

30. In today’s system, daily labourers and casual labourers have
been conveniently introduced which are followed by attempts to
regularise them at a subsequent stage. Therefore, most of the times
the issue raised is about the procedure adopted for making
appointments indicating an improper exercise of discretion even when
the rules specify a particular mode to be adopted.


There can be no doubt that the employment whether of Class IV, Class III, Class II or
any other class in the High Court or courts subordinate to it fall within
the definition of “public employment”.


Such an employment therefore,has to be made under rules and under orders of the competent authority.

32. It has been rightly said:
“Perfection consists not in doing extraordinary things,
but in doing ordinary things extraordinary well.”

34. We would like to make it clear that the High Court is a
constitutional and an autonomous authority subordinate to none.

I am hurt and mentally molested by the way 867 judges are day in and out gang raping the blindfolded justice God

I am hurt and mentally molested by the way 867 judges are day in and out gang raping the blindfolded justice God. The rape of the mother High Court cannot be tolerated by any right thinking person.

Therefore, nobody can undermine the constitutional authority of the
High Court, and therefore the purpose to hear this case is only to
advise the High Court that if its rules are not in consonance with the
philosophy of our Constitution and the same may be modified and no
appointment in contravention thereof should be made.It is necessary
that there is strict compliance with appropriate Rules and the
employer is bound to adhere to the norms of Articles 14 & 16 of the
Constitution before making any recruitment.

35. In view of the above, the appeal stands disposed of with the
following directions:

i) All High Courts are requested to re-examine the statutory rules
dealing with the appointment of staff in the High Court as well
as in the subordinate courts and in case any of the rule is not in
conformity and consonance with the provisions of Articles 14
and 16 of the Constitution, the same may be modified.

ii) To fill up any vacancy for any post either in the High Court or
in courts subordinate to the High Court, in strict compliance of
the statutory rules so made. In case any appointment is made in
contravention of the statutory rules, the appointment would be
void ab-initio irrespective of any class of the post or the person
occupying it.

iii) The post shall be filled up by issuing the advertisement in at
least two newspapers and one of which must be in vernacular
language having wide circulation in the respective State. In
addition thereto, the names may be requisitioned from the local
employment exchange and the vacancies may be advertised by
other modes also e.g. Employment News, etc. Any vacancy
filled up without advertising as prescribed hereinabove, shall be
void ab-initio and would remain unenforceable and
inexecutable except such appointments which are permissible to
be filled up without advertisement, e.g., appointment on
compassionate grounds as per the rules applicable. Before any
appointment is made, the eligibility as well as suitability of all
candidates should be screened/tested while adhering to the
reservation policy adopted by the State, etc., if any.

iv) Each High Court may examine and decide within six months
from today as to whether it is desirable to have centralised
selection of candidates for the courts subordinate to the
respective High Court and if it finds it desirable, may formulate
the rules to carry out that purpose either for the State or on
Zonal or Divisional basis.

v) The High Court concerned or the subordinate court as the case
may be, shall undertake the exercise of recruitment on a regular
basis at least once a year for existing vacancies or vacancies
that are likely to occur within the said period, so that the
vacancies are filled up timely, and thereby avoiding any
inconvenience or shortage of staff as it will also control the
menace of ad-hocism.

Copy of the judgment be sent to the Registrar General/Registrar
(Administration) of all the High Courts by this Registry directly and
the said officer is requested to place the same before the Hon’ble
Chief Justice for information and appropriate action.
New Delhi;
February 12, 2014.

Epithet on Epitaph of Indian Judiciary

FB.Why Pm N CM Not Jailing Corrupt Judges

CJI-In-Waiting T.S.Thakur: WAS RESPONDENTANT ; AND CJI Dattu , who was Advocate argued in f/o T.S.Thakur stating Thakur as an EMPLOYEE.  IN ILR 1995 KAR 3139,

( 31 ) With regard to the allotment of sites to Judges, as We have stated above, We are of the opinion that this Court sitting in Article 226 of the Constitution cannot go into that question. It is settled law that no Writ will lie against a Co-operative Society as it is not a State under Article 12 of the Constitution. Clause -7 of the Bye-laws produced before us, as translated by the official translator, reads as follows:

( Page No. 3183 )


Persons residing in Bangalore and interested in the development of this institution or those persons who are working in High Court or any Court coming under the jurisdiction of High Court, Bangalore and Society and the persons retired from the service and residing in the jurisdiction of the Society permanently (including Judges also) are eligible for the membership. Executive Committee (Panchayataru) is having full powers to accept or reject the applications received for membership.”

A reading of Clause – 7 of the Bye-laws, in our by no stretch of imagination can include the Judges of High Court or Supreme Court (sitting transferred, retired). Even assuming for a moment that certain Judges have been allowed to become members of the Society, it may be an irregularity in the conduct of the business of the Society. It is settled law, as we have already stated, that even though the allotment is made contrary to the Bye-laws, this Court cannot exercise the jurisdiction under Article 226 of the Constitution as no Writ will lie against a Co-operative society. Even otherwise if two views are possible on the construction of Clause-7 of the Bye-laws, as held by the Supreme Court in AIR 1970 SC 245 ( 25. AIR 1970 SC 245 ) , it is only for the guidance of the Co-operative Societies and it is not a law so that this Court can set aside the allotment made to the Judges, as contended by the petitioners.

[2] Both Dattu & thakur, who claim as Employees are allotted with sites in their Assets declarations. Investigations reveal that that ILR 1995 KAR 3139, was “Given & Taken by FRAUD by all Judges of Karnataka High Court; i.e., to exemplify one fact is JUDICIAL LAYOUT, BANGALORE [1]  IS TILL DATE 2015 IS NOT APPROVED AS PER VERY SUBMISSION OF SOCIETY’S, KARNATAKA URBAN DEVELOPMENT’S SECRETARY SWORN AFFIDAVITS since 2003 IN KARNATAKA HIGH COURT IN MANY PILs WP 40994/2002, [ Skulls in Courts]  against KARNATAKA STATE JUDICIAL DEPARTMENT EMPLOYEES HOUSE BUILDING CO-OP SOCIETY, KARNATAKA HIGH COURT, BANGALORE-1. Because of which kind of ANARCHY is prevailing in India
Due to Criminal Contempt of Court of  CJIs, CJs, Lokayuktas , since 1992 ; INDIAN CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM HAS BECOME A PACK OF PLAYING CARDS!

CJI in waiting  SUPREME-COURTPmo.Modi-1 FB.Karnataka High CourtSplit BldgJustice.H.L.Dattu



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Send Suggestions for Improvement in “Collegium System” as per Supreme Court Order dated 05.11.2015

Deaprtment of Justice,
Concerned about the image of the court Fali Nariman ..
Suggestions for Improvement in “Collegium System” as per Supreme Court Order dated 05.11.2015

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Judicial Way Forward – SHUN JUDICIAL & POLITICAL Protection to 867 Corrupt Contemner Judges including CJIs Dattu, Next CJI Thakur :Corrupt Judges Collegium Theoretical

C. RAJAGOPALACHARI , Governor-General of India Removed Justice Sinha in 1949. 1950 on Courts, 867 Judges, CJIs- Dattu, CJI-In-Wait Thakur, HC CJs, Lokayuktas colluded with PM & CMs, in-side & out-side courts; mortgaging INDEPENDENCE & INTEGRITY of JUSTICE, COURTS & JUDGES; loosing PEOPLES’ CONFIDENCE in Indian Justice & Courts. such Tainted Judges are given Judicial & Political protection for Mutual Benefit:-
………..Only Judge impeached; courtesy Good Judges & Constitution Framers, Patriots:
Our Fore-Fathers represented by Constituent Assembly of India framers of Constitution of India then in 1949 (year before Consitution came into existence) impeached Mr. Justice Sinha; finding him “guilty of improper exercise of Judicial functions, the cumulative effect of which was to lower the dignity of his office and undermine the confidence of the public in the administration of justice…”
For Courts, Judges collude with PM & CMs, in-side & out-side courts [through Court Birds] ; that’s why Not A single Judge Impeached, forget being about jailing.
Evidence:- 2. Case is of 867 Judges investigated by my family. Karnataka joint Legislature Committee on Land Grabbibg; termed the SCAM as “Who will Guard The Guardians?
Only case is of 867 Judges, investigated over 16 years; where Govt. & Judges admit in PIL in 40994/2002, CCC 87/2003, that they have committed Criminal Contempt of more than 27 Judgments in developing Judicial Layout- of which beneficiaries are CJI Dattu, Thakur, Gopal Gowda , etc.,
1. Judge was removed by Constitutent Assembly =

2. Only case is of 867 Judges investigated by my family. Karnataka joint Legislature Committee on Land Grabbibg; termed the SCAM as “Who will Guard The Guardians? Judicial Layout

In National Interest & to Save Indian Democracy, this post is posted at or messaged to the following:-

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President Pranab Mukherjee Vs CJI Appointments 2 Nov 2015

1. Whether CJI H.L. Dattu is senior to T.S.Thakur or vice versa?
2. When Thahur was Karnataka High Court Judge ; what was H.L. Dattu doing?
3. Whom amongst two, SCI Collegium ought to have chosen / recommended for being CJI in 2014, a successor to R.M. Lodha ?
Reference:- Days after the Supreme Court quashed the National Judicial Appointments Commission (NJAC), President Pranab Mukherjee Saturday said the process of judicial appointments must operate on “transparent principles” and that the judiciary “must reinvent itself through introspection and self-correction” whenever required.
“Whichever system of appointment we follow, it must operate on well-established and transparent principles to select the best. No one can meddle in the process. An autonomous judiciary is a vital feature of democracy. Yet, being an important pillar of democracy, it must reinvent itself through introspection and self-correction, as and when necessary,” he said.

I am hurt and mentally molested by the way 867 judges are day in and out gang raping the blindfolded justice God

1. Whether CJI H.L. Dattu is senior to T.S.Thakur or vice versa?

Justice.H.L.Dattu  eureka-Naked-Running

2. When Thahur was Karnataka High Court Judge ; what was  H.L. Dattu doing?

CJI in waiting

3. Whom amongst two, SCI Collegium ought to have chosen / recommended for being CJI in 2014, a successor to R.M. Lodha ?


CJI H.L. Dattu & Gang of Criminal Contemners of '120 SCI & HC EMPLOYEE-CUM-JUDGES': “The Judges With Plots” DNA News. 22nd Nov,2011 Full Page Article

CJI H.L. Dattu & Gang of Criminal Contemners of ‘120 SCI & HC EMPLOYEE-CUM-JUDGES': “Plot Thickens My Lord” DNA News. 23nd Nov,2011 Full Page Article

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