Mr. H.L. Dattu, the so called Chief Justice of India:- We request you to RESIGN forthwith.

The Criminal Contempts you have committed for A PLOT of Land & PLOTs / Criminal Conspiracies you have & continue perpetrating shall have to be put to REST; before It becomes INTER NATIONAL HEAD-LINES & India looses its what-ever-little respect of Indian Judiciary is LEFT.

The Criminal Contempts of Karnataka High Court are well enumerated in an Application moved by me Digvijay Mote u/s 407 of Cr.P.C in C.C.6711/2012; which Case was FOISTED against Digvijay Mote at the behest of you and other Chrony-Brother-Judges in 2011 in ACMM-VIII Court of which SCANNED Copy is Attached herewith.

It is well-known FACT that Mr. Justice D.H.Waghela is not INDEPENDENT & is DIRECTED by you in cases like Selvi Jayalalita. He is functioning under your directions. Waghela knows well that Kumarswamy is Criminal Contemner of which facts & evidences I have served on His Office & person as Waghela.

It is also known to You that all Your Younger Employee-Cum-Brother-Judges are also Co-Conspirators in CONVICTING Selvi Jayalalita.

From Mallikarjuniha through Michael De’Cunha , A.V. Chandrashekhar & present Judge in High Court Kumaraswamy; are all Co-Conspirators in CONVICTING Selvi Jayalalita and ARE BURNING NIGHT OIL to SAVE your-selved for being DRAWN into Court as CONTEMNERS by Chief Minister of Karnataka of Congress Party & BJP headed Primie Minister to PASS ORDERS in PARTICULAR MANNER.

In the Larger intrest of Indian 125 Crore Citizens represented by Indian Judiciary; YOU MUST RESIGN, before HELL BREAKS & FALLS Upon Supreme Court is my humble submission.

To enable you to take immediate STEP to RESIGN this is POSTED in Facebook accounts of President of India, Prime Minister of India, Supreme Court of India, Karnataka Chief Minister, Bar Council of India etc.,

Your resignation shall allow un-biased of Criminal Trial & prove to Indians & 700 Billion World Citizens that Indian Democracy is Vibrant, means business and appies the idiom “Be U Ever so high; LAW Is ABOVE U”.

Else it wil take little more time, moneyt & Men to get you all prosecuted
by statements such as
“Prosecute & Jail Corrupt 867 Judges ; CJI Dattu, Thakur, Kumaswamy etc., = Activate JUDICIARY = “Indian DEMOCRACY is in DANGER; when 867 Judges, who have NEVER Learned to OBEY the LAW Are given THE RIGHT to COMMAND” .
CLEAN INDIA = Make Indian JUDICIARY CORRUPTION FREE”…/2pgs-cc67……/…/…/judiciarys-int…/…/honble-chief-…/


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