Crl.RC.01/2014 = “ 867 Judges & Lokayuktas’” = MEMO BY Respondent /Accused in Person”, filed CH 06 in HC dated 14.04.14


…………………. MEMO in 82 pages, BY Respondent /Accused Sri Digvijay Mote in Person…. is as follows….


CRIMINAL   REFERRED   CASE No.   01            OF   2014
C.C. No 6711/2012


Referred by VIII – Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate,
Bangalore. ………. …… Appellant,  Represented by Chief Justice, Karnataka High Court


Sri Digvijay Mote  …… Respondent /Accused ….. in Person

MEMO BY Respondent /Accused in Person

The Respondent Accused  humbly submits the facts below:-

  1. Contents of Police Complaint necessitating the said Charge Sheet, though totally ILLEGIBLE  HANDWRITTEN, applicant with help of English teachers & sons, could make-out the following contents:-
29th October, 2011
The Station House Officer,
M.S. Building Police station [Out Post]
Vidhana Soudha,
Bangalore.Dear sir,Subject: Request to initiate action against Sri Digvijay Mote r/o , Bangalore etc.,
With reference to the above subject, I write to request you that a person…

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