“Part-I.Pgs4:Of 90 Pages-LayOutPlan Copying” Compt/uplok/BCD/-64/99-2000/164

“Part-1.4pgs. of 90 pgs-LayOutPlan Copying” Compt/uplok/BCD/-64/99-2000/164

Part-I [4pages] of Two Parts 90 pgs: compt/uplok/BCD/-64/99-2000

Page: 00  of 94 pages                                  ARE-2


Round Seal of Government of Karnataka




Office of Karnataka Lokayukta

Multi Storey Building, Doctor B.R. Ambedkar Road, Bangalore-1



30/11/09  06-02-01





SP lok


No Dairy …..


Page No: 01


Pet. No. Compt/Uplok/BCD-64/99-2000   Date of Registration: 17.06.99

  1. Name of the Patitioner: Suo-motu Investigatinon. Date of Petitioin: ——
  2. Nature of Patition                                          Place from which written … Bangalore

Signed / Pseudonymous/ Anonymous

  1. Name/s of the AGO/s. with designation:

[1] Shri Secretary,

KarnatakaState Judicial Dept. Employees Co.op

Society, Bangalore

[2] Shri Directors,

KarnatakaState Judicial Dept. Employees Co.op Society, Bangalore


[3] The Chief Officer, Town Municipality, Yelahanka

  1. Petition addressed to  ———-
  2. Copies of Petition sent to    Hon’ble Upalokayukta

The allegations are as follows:-

Page No: 02

Para 1 :-Complaint file No.Compt/uplok/BLD.6-2000, there is a sketch map which is out 3’ x 3’. As per the oral instructions of Hon’ble ARE – 2, the same has to be got xeroxed and thren case has to be taken. The said map is placed in the file.

Para 2:- On enquiry it is ascertained that such a big map cannot be xeroxed in our office xerox machine. Therefore, it has to be xeroxed outside, where such a big xerox can be done.

Para – 3

Therefore, it is submitted that if approved a note will be put up to DRA for making arrangements.

Xeroxed Sir.

-Signed- Date: 27.11.1999

Para – 04 ARE-2]

As per the instruction given by the Uplokayukta for needful action.

Signed 27/11

Para – 05 DRA:  Sri. Laxmikant is directed to get the xerox copies and cashier is directed to make payment of required amount.

Page No. 03

Para No. 6 As per orders at Para 5 xerox copies of the Map is submitted for further orders [Signed 4.12.99].

Para No.7 DRA] zerox copies as directed are obtained and sent to ARE–2 for further needful action [Signed date in-visible]



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