Bill Assented by President of India Against Land Grab = An Answer to “Who will Guard The ‘867 CORRUPT CONTEMNER Judges’ Guardians?”

Dear Friends; Share This Post to Bring Land Grabbers to Justice. Bill Assented by President of India Against Land Grab = An Answer to “Who will Guard The ‘867 CORRUPT CONTEMNER Judges’ Guardians?” :- ” GOOD people PRAY for others , while RASCALS PREY on others.”:- “It is Most unfortunate that Judicial Emp. HBCS which should have been model to other Housing Societies, has itself become the Leading Law breaker without the least fear or Care for Law; Propriety or Public Interest. It has indulged in acts of Favor, Cronyism and capricious indifference to Law at Will, obiously under the hubris that having S.C & H.C. Judges as its Members & beneficiaries will ensure immunity to all its Illegal acts.

What is more disquieting is the Rediness with which sitting S.C & H.C Judges who are not “Employees” under any Government but are Constitutional functionaries, should have eagerly become members of Employees HBCS and obtained sites. Having registered office in Karnataka high Court building itself invoking “Awe & Terror in the Minds of various Government Agencies who have to take action against the Society as per law, do not create an atmosphere of Fairplay, Straightforwardness or Impartial dispensation of JUSTICE”

The Investigations reveal that this Society’s Illegal activities have Topped list of Cheating & Frauds in this Country, by the way Society has violated Gravest-of Grave Laws. I feel pity to Express, JUDICIAL LAY-OUT, has become MOTHER of ALL ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES. Committee has received Complaints that stating that other Societies have also indulged in Similar illegal Activities.

Therefore to take stringent Action against illegal activities of Karnataka state Judicial department Employees’ House Building Co-operative Housing Society, it is Recommended to supersede the Society forthwith & to initiate Criminal prosecution against persons who are responsible for for such nefarious Activities.

Courtesy:- Joint Legislative Committe,
[Investigation Committee of Identifying Government Land Grabbing in Bangalore Urban & Bangalore Rural Districts] = FB-867-DZ-CJI-Dattu-014 Judicial Layout


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