Hon’ble Chief Justice Shri D.H. Waghela: ME TOO EUREKA No. – 2; INSPIRED BY CJI LODHA’s EUREKA



Mr. Waghela’s Bench wakes up after 25 years to recover land grab worth Rupees Lakhs of Crores; which the Karnataka HC and SCI slept over.

13 August 2014

You have been dynamic, decisive and have taken a bold no nonsense stand against the land mafia who have grabbed 12 lakh acres worth lakhs of crores of rupees.

You are intolerant against corruption, illegality and land grabbing causing lakhs of crores of rupees loss to the State and public.

You want action – No Tareeq pe Tareeq for you.

You want the State Government to quickly reclaim encroached land as per the A.T. Ramaswamy Committee and Task Force Reports.

CONGRATULATIONS Mr. Chief Justice Waghela

A.T. Ramaswamy Committee and and Task Force Reports ?

BUT Mr. Waghela is it Eureka 2 or Eureka 3/4th. ?

EUREKA 2204 years after Archimedes !!

Eureka-1        eureka-Naked-Running

Archimedes   127 B.C.    to    212 B.C.

The exclamation ‘Eureka!’ is famously attributed to the ancient Greek scholar Archimedes. He reportedly proclaimed “Eureka!” when he stepped into a bath and noticed that the water level rose—he suddenly understood that the volume of water displaced must be equal to the volume of the part of his body he had submerged. (This relation is not what is known as Archimedes’ principle—that deals with the upthrust experienced by a body immersed in a fluid.[2][3]) He then realized that the volume of irregular objects could be measured with precision, a previously intractable problem. He is said to have been so eager to share his discovery that he leapt out of his bathtub and ran through the streets of Syracuse naked.   (see wikipedia).

Mr. Chief Justice Waghela, Would you be equally outraged, bold, decisive and intolerant of the 867 Judges who have behaved worse than petty land mafia, perjurers, contemners, land sharks and grabbers, Creating FRAUDULENT and FORGED Sale Deeds, cheating “FARMERS and GOVERNMENT, BY PLAYING FRAUDS and IN CRIMINAL CONTEMPT OF HIGH COURT OF 27 JUDGMENTS ON HIGH COURT, and depriving genuine Judicial Employees who have paid their hard and honestly and legitimately and fully deserved earnings to be upstaged by judges?

Will you condemn all corrupt judges who have fraudulently grabbed sites and illegally constructed houses in an illegal layout and whom A.T. Ramaswamy in the Joint Legislature …….. Report condemns as “Of the long list of erring HBCS (Housing Building Co-Operative Societies) the MOST NOTORIOUS is the Judicial Employees HBCS.   Lofty principles such Rule of Law, Equality before Law, etc. are breached without any compunction by influential and powerful persons. People in authority vested with legal powers to enforce law have become mute spectators or, worse, reluctant or even willing participants. While the common man is always caught in the spider’s Web of Law and Rules, the rich and the bold are powerful enough to break the web of law.”?

The 14-15 predecessor Chief Justices of Karnataka failed in their duty and were abettors.

So also, the all knowing, all pervading, all sound and fury but no light Ram Mohan Reddy with his irrelevant ravings and ranting and only smiling and nodding         H. Billappa, emulated your 14-15 predecessors and resorted to passing illegal orders to suppress the truth or give Tareeq pe Tareeq and Tareeq pe Tareeq for TEN LONG YEARS and instead of hearing the matter, bhashans from arrogant, ill mannered and headline seeking Ram Mohan Reddy. All to favour the criminal judges – who happened to be BROTHERS, SISTERS, FATHERS , GRAND FATHERS, which in numbers was almost the entire strength of the High Court.

Will you Mr. Waghela emulate your 14-15 predecessors and help H.L. Dattu and T.S. Thakur and others and to do so?

Will you smother your conscience, shut your eyes, forget your oath, abandon your duty and abet the criminal judges by looking the other way and protect them so that criminal land grabbers or abettors enjoy the power and privelege and opportunity and continue to flourish and even reach the Supreme Court and like H.L. Dattu, T.S. Thakur and J.S. Kehar be CJI’s in waiting – not to mention the renowned Gopala Gowda who is enjoying his position as a SC judge?

Is Karnataka’s commanding position with dominating numbers in the SC because of merit, integrity, seniority or buddies in crime or abettors in crime?

Mr. Waghela – the same A.T. Ramaswamy Committee Report has classfied your brother judges and predecessor judges are the leading and most notorious leading law breakers and land grabbers. Do have courage to be bold, decisive and write to CJI Lodha about the several serious acts of land grabbing, perjury and contempt so that he can initiate suitable action against his brother SC judges?

Will you be bold and order prosecution of all guilty in the illegal land grabbing from FARMERS for Judicial Layouts and direct the State Government to reclaim the land within 60 days and to RETURN LANDS WITH STRUCTURES THEREON TO POOR FARMERS?

Or will you, like almost all judges have a separate rule, law, priveleges for judges who are masters and another for ordinary mortals who are lowly citizens?

Mr. Waghela, it is 67 years since we were freed from the British. We look to you and other judges to free us from corruption, nepotism, cronism, chamchagiri, tyranny, oppression and dispense justice speedy for all.

Alas, the judiciary has miserably failed not only by ommission but acts of commission.   Mr. Waghela, you have taken a bold step but will you go the whole hog?

Tell us is it Eureka 2 or Eureka 3/4th. ? Is it new freshing dynamism, sense of duty, honesty or same old strategy to obfuscate, delay and fool the people of India?


                             YOU HAVE TO ANSWER THE PEOPLE AND YOURSELF.



Digvijay Mote

Justice Investigator . Editor.
JailCorrupt867Judges.wordpresss.com , IndianCorruptJudges.com
13.08. 2014




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