“Indian 867 Corrupt Judges & Lokayuktas, incl Dattu, Thakur & Gopal Gowda of SCI; being protected by Karnataka Lokayukta ” 18.05.2014

present complainant Syed Riaz @ Syed Riaztulla lodged this Complaint & got successful in getting registered the TOTALLY ILLEGIBLE FALSE , FICTITIOUS CASE abusing office of LOkayukta Institution’s Integrity;  is working in KARNATAKA ANTI CORRUPTION BUREAU or Lokayukta; for reasons well known to another Member of Judicial Emp Society & then Lokayukta Mr. Santosh Hegde recommended complainant Syed Riaz for active participation from our nation India where only two were selected in “International   Corruption Hunters Alliance, Washington, U.S.A. [ICHA] ; Volunteer” held around Dec 8, 2010 .

The Theme Goes of [ICHA]like this:– Its aim was “Building on the network of corruption fighters that was launched in 2010.  Per  video [  01:Uploaded by Corruption Hunters Alliance Event – The World Bank = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZZCYpoK2_c&feature=relmfu , WorldBank on Dec 8, 2010:- Corruption steals from the poor and those responsible must be held accountable” says Robert Zoellick, President of the WorldBank at the launch of the International Corruption Hunters Alliance today in Washington DC. More than 250 anti corruption officials from 134 countries are working on a global enforcement regime to benefit the poor by sharing information, monitoring results and coordinating action on corruption cases.
In the said Video, none except present Complaint Riaz“SHAKES HANDS WITH WORLD BANK PRESIDENT” at Video URL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZZCYpoK2_c#t=93.

International Corruption Hunters Alliance – The WorldBank video   02   Uploaded by WorldBank on Dec 3, 2010; shows as how to ‘Gauge the SUSPECTS etc.,

ICHA Brief:- The WorldBank is launching a worldwide Corruption Hunter Alliance. Over 200 investigators, prosecutors, and officials will meet in Washington DC. The network will share information, monitor results and work on global enforcement regime that will benefit the poor.

Remarks at the WorldBank , International Corruption Hunters Alliance , Senator Patrick Leahy , December 7, 2010 , Washington, D.C.

“We have also seen how corrupt officials in such countries have successfully intimidated and manipulated judges, prosecutors, the police and the military, to arrest and silence whistleblowers and political opponents and remain in power indefinitely.

                        No democracy, I believe, can survive or thrive without a justice system that the public has confidence in.  Yet reforming corrupt justice systems and strengthening the rule of law, when the officials in power are determined to preserve the status quo, is exceedingly difficult.  

               If we tolerate this type of abuse—

         we fail our own citizens;

         we fail the people of the countries we want to help;

         we undermine the rule of law domestically and internationally;

         we sully the reputation of the United States; and

         we damage our long term national interests.  

The same can be said for every country represented here today.


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  1. Justice D.V. Shylendra Kumar made-it-become-true . .Vande Mataram . . Indian National Song. [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FV-xzIeeYXU %5D
  2. News X TV Video: “Judicial Layout Illegalities & Judge’s In-Eligibility & Criminal Culpability makes Karnataka Lokayukta Shivaraj Patil resign” [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQQo0qU1qB0 ]
  3. Need clean men in black robes: CJI[ Video] = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtSs1KBdo2Y&feature=fvwrel
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  5. Loksabha Debating on “Corruption in Indian Judiciary” [ video ]
  6.  Judges to blame for fallen image: Ex-CJI[ Video ] .Former CJI J.S. Verma; on judicial corruption[ Video] = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhjLk2Sg9mM&feature=relmfu
  7. Judgments-JUSTICE-for-Sale. Punjab Vigilance . .CJ:T.S. Thakur
    …  [ Video]. = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKg7yzdYRqI
  8. Justice Bhagwati on judicial corruption and appointment of judges
    [ Video ] . = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFOPVABSjnk&feature=related
  9. Judges Caught Cheating in Law Exam in India [ Video ] [ English & TeluguVideo ]. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5i1hgoCSQ-s&feature=fvwrel
  10. CJI Justice4Sale= Worst Chief Justice of India . Master of Corrupt Judges: KGB [ video ] = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPhG0HTNsUY&feature=relmfu
  11. Mote to CJI Balakrishna [ 01 ] [ 02 ]= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IewT0JcIE4
  12. CJI KGB  Vs CJ:- Corrupt CJI Safe Guards Minister Raja . . hid Raja facts: SC judge.
    Video ] = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6cvIcySb38&feature=related

JUDICIAL Employees HBCS & Judicial Layout:

  1. Conspiracy of Judiciary & Ministers: Digvijay Mote to NDTV [ Video; at Mote’s House
  2. Karnataka Joint Legislature Committee on Land Grabbing in Bangalre, Chairman Mr. A.T.Ramaswamy Judicial Layout Visit.[ Video 6]
  3. “JUDGES R Corupt” “No One Dares To Complain Against:-
    Lok Ayukta Santhosh Hegde.TV9.
  4. Walk The Talk with Justice Santosh Hegde[ Video ]
  5.  “Rampant Corruption in Judiciary & Lok Ayukta”
    Digvijay Mote.adrsing.CJI .vidhana Soudha, Blore precincts. .8mins
  6. Mote’s Interview with Justice N. Santosh Hegde -[ 01] [ 02 ] [ 03 ] [ 04 ]
  8. Mr.Mote’s Interview with A.T. Ramaswamy.26 Dec 2006.
    Part-01] [Part – 02 Video ]  [ Part-03]
  9. Co-Op Minister:Judicial Layout Bangalore, Superseded [ Video ]
  10. Karnataka Joint Legislature Committee on Land Grabbing in Bangalre, Chairman Mr. AT Ramaswamy Last Press Conference 29 Dec 2007[ Video]
  11. Karnataka Joint Legislature Committee on Land Grabbing in Bangalre, Chairman Mr. A.T.Ramaswamy Judicial Layout Visit.8 [Video ]
  12. Judicial Layout, Bangalore = Illegal Layout;
    being REGULARIZED by BBMP Commissioner Pt. 1 [ Video ]
  13. Legal Eagle: Advocate S. Vasudev; JUDGES should surrender Sites.
    Video ].
  14. Karnataka High Court P.I.L Advocate Nagraj .Y.N. Judicial Layout, Bangalore = Illegal Layout [Video ]
  15. News X TV Video: “Judicial Layout Illegalities & Judge’s In-Eligibility & Criminal Culpability makes Karnataka Lokayukta Shivaraj Patil resign
  16. Corrupt S.C. Judge R.V.Raveendran At-Last Opts-Out of AMBANI GAS WAR[ Video ]
  17. Forefeit Judicial Layout: AT Ramaswamy Press Conference 29 Dec 2007
    1. [ 01 ]   [ 02 ]   [ 03 ].

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