PETITION BEFORE HON’BLE CHIEF JUSTICE, HIGH COURT OF KARNATAKA Under Articles 225, 227 r/w Sec. 482, 407 of Cr.P.C In “Criminal Transferred Case No. 6711/12″ dated 21.014.2014. Registered in Chief Justice office as CJC 1001/14

In “Criminal Transferred Case No. 6711/12
Between: State by Vidhana Soudha Police –Vs- Digvijay Mote, Accused
Gist of Facts of  case:-  

  1. High Court Noitice received on 10th April states:-
    CRIMINAL   REFERRED   CASE No.   01   OF 2014
    In  “ C.C. No 6711/2012BETWEEN:  Referred by VIII – Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate,Bangalore. ………. …… Appellant [Represented by Chief Justice, Karnataka High Court –Deleted] 
    -Vs-  Sri Digvijay Mote  …… Respondent /Accused 

  1. High Court “ORDER SHEET PART-I:- Office Notes:- Order dated 22.10.2013 passed by the VIII – Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Bangalore in C.C. No. 6711/2012 partly allowing the application filed by the accused u/s 479 r/w 407 of Cr.PC is registred as Criminal Referreed Case u/s 395 of Cr.PC vide Orders of Hon’ble Chief Justice dated 06.01.2014.
    Copy of the Order is served on the SPP.
    Post Criminal Refeered Case before the Court for Orders.
    [ LCR kept below] 

  1. Orders of Court dated 15th April 21, 2014 by C.H. No. 6 :- Honble Justice DR. K.BHAKTHAVATSALA AND C.R.KUMARASWAMY:- 15/04/2014.
    Order in CRL.RC 1/2014 .
    Accused is present before the Court. He is granted time to file objections, if any.
    Call on 28.04.2014.
  1. The family committed to cleanse the dirt in PUBLIC JUSTICE DELIVERY system has done so far.
  2. The friend who has given surety in Lower Court, for reasons well-known to him, wants to withdraw the SURETY of Rs. 5,000. Accused has to bring it to the Notice to Hon’ble Court of Single Judge.
  3. The Accused had given “Personal Bond for release of his Mobile Phone in Lower Court”, which was lost on 27th March 2014. The Police Complaint was lodged on 28th March, 2014. The fact of this information has to be brought to the “kind notice of to Hon’ble Court of Single Judge’.
  4. If the Courts are bent upon to PUNISH TRUTH, and allow the PROVEN CRIMINALS to GO-SCOT-FREE; my family shall be the last to tolerate.
  5. The Accused who is Head of his family of wife and two sons, who are suffocating by the on-going persecution in the name of Prosecution, may have to end their lives.
  6.  The family has no vested interest in “JUDICIAL LAYOUT “ or “The Frauds committed by ‘Powerful lobby of 867 Judges and Lokayuktas’”.
  7. Accused is Legally-Illiterate. No Advocate is prepared top stand in favor of Accused –Vs- ‘Powerful lobby of 867 Judges and Lokayuktas’.



[1] CRIMINAL   REFERRED   CASE No.   01   OF 2014 be transferred before Your Hon’ble Court Hall No 01.

[2] Quash the “Order passed on Adminstartive side by Your Kindself on 06.01.2014 of wrongly assigning and classifying under ‘CRIMINAL   REFERRED   CASE’.

[3] Direct Registry to classify under “Criminal Transferred Case” or “Criminal Petition [Transferred] or “Criminal Transferred Petition”.

[4] Direct Registry to Post before appropriate single Judge as per Sec. 407 of Cr.P.C.

[5] Direct Registry  Not to List before K.L. Majunath ,  N. Kumar., N.K. Patil, K.Bhakthavatsala, Mohan Shantan Goudar ,  H.G. Ramesh ,  S.Abdul Nazeer,  Ram Mohan Reddy ,  H.Billappa , Hulawadi G. Ramesh , H.N.Nagamohan Das , Patil B.S,  Anand Byrareddy,  A.B.Hinchigeri,  Kumara Swamy C.R ,  A.S.Bopanna ,  Narayanappa Ananda,   Jawad Rahim, L. Narayana Swamy,   A.S.Pachhapure,  Ravi  Malimath,  B.V.Nagarathna,  H.S. Kempanna,  B.S.Indrakala,   A.V.Chandrashekara,  Rathnakala ,  R.B. Budihal ,   Pradeep D.Waingankar


This Petition is conceived, drafted and presented by Applicant on his own initiative in accordance with fundamental rights  as enshrined in Constitution of India, Universal Human Rights, The Bangalore Principles of Judicial Conduct and other Rights available to applicant from various Judgments of Supreme Court of India etc.,

Applicant craves leave of the Court to state that all due caution is taken to present facts truthfully. If any mistakes in conceiving the contents of this Memo, be considered PATRIOTIC in the interest of Justice & Equity to protect this innocent victim of the FALSE CASE SLAPPED in derogation of his, his family’s & Indian Judiciary’s Dignity and Image.

BANGALORE                                                                     DIGVIJAY MOTE


DATE: 21-04-2014                                                ACCUSED/APPLICANT
[ Applicant In Person]


Annexures: Seven
Total pages: 13.
Registered in Chief Justice office as CJC 1001/14




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