Karnataka Assembly 27 July, 2005 Debates on “Illegal 586 SC/HC Judge-Cum-Employees of Karnataka Judicial Dept. Emp HBCS & Lay Out, Bangalore ”

Ultimately who confirms a person is Corrupt, Criminal or not . . it is the Courts. If Judges themselves become corrupt & criminals; we can makeout what kind of such Judges pass Judgments !.  Judges do not even consider Facts of Cases & Laws to be Applied; while passing Judgments.  Mysore Maharaja did not appoint one Advocate as Advocate General because he had Cheated his Monthly Grocery Supplier through a Fraudulent Court Order &  Maharaja noted all that I want in A.G is Gentleman Qualities. Then who should be a Judge means; he who may not Law can become AG; but all is He should be is a Gentleman.

Who appoints Judges. How They Get Appointments. Are these Judges have fallen from Heaven. Are they not from our own men. Overnight why they become Un-touchable; once they become Judges?

586 Judges have become members of Judicial Department Emp HBCS. Judges are supposed to be  up holders of Constitution of India. Judges are not Employees under Central or State Governments. They are Ineligible to be Members of Judicial Department Emp HBCS. Karnataka High Court in their very case in 1995 has Declared that Judges are Constitutional Functionaries, are not Employees and are Ineligible to be Members of this Judicial Department Emp HBCS. Despite of Judgment they have continued to be Members of Society and have secured Sites in Judicial Layout, Bangalore. They Should resign from memberships forthwith; if these Judges have any respect or Dignity of Judiciary.

If Judges do not Respect and abide by High Court Judgments; how can the Judges & Courts expect Common Man & Public to respect & Honor Court Judgments?

BDA has time & again has said publicly that “JUDICIAL Layout is Illegal, Un-authorized”. BDA has failed in its duty to take action against the Illegal Layout & judges. JUDICIAL Layout formed & occupied by these 586 Judges should have left Fifty per cent of Land for Parks, Play Grounds, Police Station, Civic Amenities, Temple, Roads; have formed site in all these C.A. Sites. They have encroached Roads as Well. These Judges Misusing their Judges Offices have formed sites in 37 Acres which is not even Acuired by Govt. They do not have Ownership Title to the Lands. How can their sale deeds of Sites “claiming judicial Layout is approved by BDA”   will have any lawful Title; except Fraud & Forgery! Such action of land Grabbing can be of Ordinary Men but cannot be expected of JUDICIAY indulging into such Anti-social Activities which are punishable under Karnataka Prevention of Dangerous Activities of Bootleggers, Drug Offenders, Gamblers, Goondas, Immoral Traffic Offenders and Slum Grabbers Act 1985.

Contrary to “Be You Ever so High; Law is above you” these Tainted Judges consider themselves above Law & Constitution of India. Are these Judges are Accountable to  Authority, Contempt, Peoples Confidence of Their Courts or not are the Serious Question arise of this JUDICIAL layout & 586 Judges Illegal Allotment  in Contemptuous acts of Judges. This House should seriously consider the Issus raised herein.

586 Judges who have secured Sites illegally & in Contempt of Judgment; let them surrender such site to Government. We will leave it to The Judges’ Judicial Conscience whether these Tainted Judges should Continue in service or not. Let them be given opportunity to Learn & Live in accordance with Judicious Conscience and lead life of Good Law abiding Citizens. We will be happy to see them Grow prosperously.  It does not mind even if they have to sacrifice the Illegal sites; but in the interest of creating a History in Judiciary that Bonafide Judges did lived in this State & India.

If Judges do not respect Court’s Judgments, we can make out how far “Rule of Law & such lofty Judicial Principles”  are being  blatantly violated by Judges in their offices & personal lives.

Judicial Department  Emp HBCS alike there 86 Housing Societies had also indulged in such illegal Land Acusition & Layout developments; cheating all  Farmers,  Govt. & Members. Karnataka High Court quashed such Aqusition Notifications. Directed the Lands should be handed  over  to Farmers. This High Court Order was Upheld by Supreme Court. Directed all Land owners, whether petitioned or not, lands should be returned to Land owners by respective Deputy Commissioners & SLAOs. Land owners to deposit with SLAO whatever money they have received from SLAO as compensation; if at all.

Unforunately the High Court failed in its duty to Pass such similar Orders in this Judicial Department  Emp HBCS’s Land acquisition. This is a Notorious Society capable of managing anyone & everyone.  Hope  Two judges, who passed such Admirable Judgment had   personal & Other 586 Judges Interest in Mind of securing sites  &  membership in this tainted Judges Society & Judicial Layout. Otherwise the Division Bench of high court Judges viz., Justice Rama Jois & Justice Rajashekha Murty would have given similar Judgment given to other 86 Housing Societies. Land owners would have had Confidence in Courts, Judgments. Farmers would have Lost Confidence in Courts & Judgments; for which reason 586 Judges & the Illegal Court Orders are alone Responsible.

We can understand what kind of lessons these Judges will  give. How they will Guide the State & India, teach the Citizens. We hope Good Wisdom will prevail upon these Tainted Judges one or Other Day.



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