BBMP hand in glove with private parties: HC Bangalore, Feb 6, 2014

BBMP hand in glove with private parties: HC
Bangalore, Feb 6, 2014, DHNS:

DH File image

The High Court on Thursday remarked that the BBMP officials are hand in glove with private parties and do not have any will to perform their duties. The official are busy engaging the aggrieved parties in a suit and keep it pending.

A division bench comprising Chief Justice D H Waghela and Justice B V Nagarathna directed the counsel for the BBMP to submit details of the petitions filed before the Karnataka Appellate Tribunal (KAT) by the aggrieved parties seeking a stay on the BBMP’s notice for building demolition. The bench also directed the BBMP commissioner to be present in the next hearing.

The court also directed the BBMP counsel to submit details about the total number of petitions pending before KAT and details about the time taken to dispose of the petitions. The Chief Justice said they will direct the KAT to dispose of the matter at the earliest. The BBMP counsel informed the court that nearly 15,000 cases were pending before KAT, awaiting judgments.


The bench was hearing a PIL filed by Malleswaram Residents’ Welfare Association regarding zonal rules violation committed by Ubhaya Vedantha Pravarthana Sabha, a Vedha Patashala, located on 10th cross, Malleswaram. Vedantha has violated building rules and constructed a multi-storey building, including a marriage hall, in a residential area. The petitioners have contended that Vedantha runs a marriage hall on the second and third floor, causing traffic jams and noise pollution.

During the hearing, the bench asked why the BBMP has only issued notice but did not demolish the building. The BBMP counsel said there were legal lacunae.

The bench asked the counsel for the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board why it did not take any action. The counsel replied that it was the duty of the City police to control the noise levels. The bench directed the court to take action as per section 17 of the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981 and adjourned the next hearing to February 14.


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