#InternJudge: Victim’s statement was supposed to be confidential, says Justice AK Ganguly: 16 Dec, 2013

Kolkata: With Additional Solicitor General Indira Jaising making excerpts from the law intern’s affidavit public, former Supreme Court judge A K Ganguly, accused of sexually harassing the intern, today questioned how could a confidential statement be made public.

“That is supposed to be confidential as it was given before a Supreme Court committee. How can it come out in the open?,” questioned Ganguly, a former Supreme Court judge.

When asked whether he would complain about this, the retired judge told PTI, “What can I do? Who is listening to me?”

He refused to comment on the girl’s affidavit, as published in a national daily, saying, “I will not say anything on this.

Justice Ganguly

” Image courtesy: Supreme Court of India

The girl, who has passed out from a Kolkata law school, had in a sworn affidavit before a three-judge panel of apex court judges gave a detailed account of what happened to her in a Delhi hotel room on 24 December, 2012 when she was called by the judge at night. The committee had indicted the former judge for ‘unwelcome behaviour’ and ‘conduct of sexual nature’ towards the girl who was then working as a law intern with him. Ganguly has so far denied all the allegations against him and ruled out resigning as the head of the West Bengal Human Rights Commission. Jaising has written to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh seeking his removal from the WBHRC post. Several women rights activists, political leaders from the the BJP and Trinamool Congress have also been vocal demanding his removal. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has written twice to President Pranab Mukherjee seeking strong action against the former judge. PTI

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Read more at: http://www.firstpost.com/india/victims-statement-was-supposed-to-be-confidential-says-justice-ak-ganguly-1289099.html?utm_source=ref_article


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