‘Unwelcome conduct of sexual nature’ by Justice AK Ganguly, says Supreme Court inquiry: 5 Dec 2013

'Unwelcome conduct of sexual nature' by Justice AK Ganguly, says Supreme Court inquiry

Justice AK Ganguly, Chairman, West Bengal Human Rights Commission

New Delhi Former Supreme Court judge AK Ganguly has been indicted for sexually harassing a young woman who was interning for him last December. A Supreme Court inquiry has concluded that the former judge indulged in “unwelcome verbal/non-verbal conduct of sexual nature” in a five-star hotel in Delhi.

Justice Ganguly retired from the Supreme Court in February 2012 and is currently Chairman of the West Bengal Human Rights Commission. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has now written to the President seeking “urgent appropriate action” against Justice Ganguly, who has often been critical of her government.

“I don’t want to say anything at this stage,” Justice Gangly told NDTV this evening after the findings of the inquiry against him were made public.

Three Supreme Court judges were appointed last month to investigate the case against him, based on media reports.

The Chief Justice of India, P Sathasivam, says the trio decided “no further follow up action is required” because the woman’s internship with Justice Ganguly was a private placement and he had retired when the alleged violation took place.

Last month, the woman lawyer blogged that a judge she was interning for had harassed her in a five-star hotel room on Christmas Eve. She did not name the judge. (Read entire blog on Indian Journal of Law and Society here)

The Chief Justice then said the allegations would be investigated by three Supreme Court judges. Both Justice Ganguly and the young woman testified for the committee. (Read: Justice Ganguly named as judge accused of harassing intern)

The Supreme Court today clarified that it will not entertain any complaints against its former judges. Sources have told NDTV that one more complaint of sexual harassment by a retired Supreme Court Judge has been sent to the court.




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