Sup Court Bar Assn. Preident for installation of cameras inside judges’ chambers : 26 Nov, 2013

New Delhi: Supreme Court Bar Association President MN Krishnamani on Tuesday created a flutter by advocating installation of CCTV cameras even inside the judges’ chambers.”Serious allegations are coming up against judges. The fixing of cameras inside judges’ chambers can be done,” he said.

Addressing lawyers on the Law Day function in the Supreme Court lawn, Krishnamani referred to a recent controversy in which the allegation of sexual harassment against a former colleague has been levelled by an intern.

Law Minister Kapil Sibal disagreed and said, “our judges today are as good as they were 25 years ago…And judges also are human beings and the errors are always human.”

“First of all, this is day of celebration,” he said, adding that he was distancing himself from the views expressed by Krishnamani.

Later, Chief Justice of India P Sathasivam also responded by terming the incident as an “aberration” and assured that justice will be done in “all respect”.

The SCBA President, in his address, also sought videography of court proceedings so that the people’s faith in the system is restored.

He also opposed the collegium system of appointment of judges saying that “it has failed” and “wrong persons have been appointed in the judiciary.”

He also said Supreme Court can make itself accessible to all by using video confrenecing facilites.

Accusing the government of filing “frivolous” litigations, he favoured setting up of a committee which will recommend in which case it should move the court.


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