Stories on alleged sexual harassment by former Supreme Court judge:

‘Lady never speak truth’: ML Sharma contempt writ vs intern, TOI, LI, AG in SC harassment case

Category: Bar, Bench & Litigation  Published on Sat, 16 Nov ’13, 20:48 Written by Kian Ganz

SC ‘zeroes in’ on alleged harasser judge via intern register, reports Telegraph

Category: Bar, Bench & Litigation  Published on Sat, 16 Nov ’13, 13:44  Written by Kian Ganz

The Supreme Court registry has checked the records of interns assigned to judges, on the directions of the Chief Justice of India P Sathasivam, allowing the court to identify the alleged former judge accused of sexual harassment, according to The Calcutta Telegraph yesterday.

The paper reported that “convention demanded that an intern work with a particular judge for only a month, the accused judge seemed to have insisted that the women interns work with him for six months”.

“According to the sources,” added the paper, “the feeling among the higher judiciary is that the judge should be named, if only to end the speculation about the other judges who retired recently. So far, the accused judge has not been named.”

The allegations against the unnamed judge first surfaced on 6 November in a blog post by a former student (“SJ”) who said she had interned with him. She expanded upon her experience in an interview with Legally India on Monday (11 November), with the CJI constituting a three-judge inquiry the following day.

SJ is expected to appear before the inquiry on Monday. [Click here for more coverage of this story]

Former DU law dean files police complaint re alleged harassment by former SC judge

Category: Bar, Bench & Litigation  Published on Fri, 15 Nov ’13, 10:57  Written by Kian Ganz

‘Second Intern’ posts to social media, says ex-judge promised never to molest anyone again

Category: Bar, Bench & Litigation  Published on Thu, 14 Nov ’13, 17:49


Written by Kian Ganz

FacebookA post on social media corroborated parts of the sexual harassment allegations against a former Supreme Court judge made by one of his former research assistants.

Intern allegedly harassed by ex-SC judge will depose before judicial inquiry, asks for privacy

Category: Bar, Bench & Litigation  Published on Wed, 13 Nov ’13, 00:28  Written by Kian Ganz

The NUJS Kolkata graduate who blogged about having been allegedly sexually assaulted by a former Supreme Court judge in 2012, released a statement requesting privacy until she would depose before the Supreme Court’s three-judge inquiry, which was set up yesterday.

NUJS prof Basheer backs intern, calls for college to protect students from sexual harassment in ‘academic engagements’

Category: Bar, Bench & Litigation   Published on Tue, 12 Nov ’13, 15:44  Written by Kian Ganz

CJI constitutes 3-judge commission to probe ex-SC judge sexual harassment allegation

Category: Bar, Bench & Litigation


Published on Tue, 12 Nov ’13, 14:50  Written by Kian Ganz

Supreme CourtThe Supreme Court has set up a three-judge committee to probe the allegation that a retired Supreme Court judge sexually harassed a law student intern in late 2012.

Law student sexually harassed by ex-Supreme Court judge: case is not unique, but speaking out is nearly impossible

Category: Interviews  Published on Mon, 11 Nov ’13, 13:16  Written by Kian Ganz

gxrrp4tbA law graduate who recently blogged about how a retired Supreme Court judge sexually assaulted her while she was his intern, says that the problem is real and not uncommon at the bar and the bench.


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