Who says CBI cannot probe against PM? October 19, 2013

The Central Bureau of Investigation stopped short of defining “competent authority” in the latest coal First Information Report, but it is not the law which is preventing it from doing so.

Amid speculation on whether Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the coal minister in 2005, should be made accountable for any irregularity, legal experts say the post of prime minister does not have any immunity from prosecution. Such a privilege is only enjoyed by the president and governors.


Following the 14th FIR filed in the block allocation scam, former coal secretary P C Parakh said if he has been named as an accused, even the prime minister should be made a co-accused, since he approved allocations. However, experts point out that an FIR is “barely an investigation”. “If the CBI has direct evidence, it can even name the prime minister. As such, there is no permission required, but sanction from a competent authority may be taken,” said R S Sodhi, former Delhi High Court judge.

Earlier, even to question P K Bansal after he resigned as the rail minister, CBI had, as a matter of protocol, written to the prime minister’s office. While a sitting prime minister has never been prosecuted in the history of the country, if such a situation arises, he would step down from the post, said an official.



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