Katta questions BDA report on his layout : TNN Sep 30, 2010

BANGALORE: The high court has adjourned the hearing of the petition filed by IT-BT minister Katta Subramanya Naidu, his wife Saubhagya and two others, challenging the January 29, 2010 order passed by the BDA asking them to demolish the unauthorized layout on 7 acres 10 guntas of land they own in Byatarayanapura, on Mysore Road.

As per the court’s direction, an inspection was conducted by the AEE of the BDA on September 18 and a status report submitted to court. The report mentioned that existing roads on the land have been asphalted and two sites are temporarily compounded. On one site, pillars have been sunk and there is a dilapidated brick structure.

The minister and the others contended that no layout was formed, and they had sold only a portion of the land to some people, and have strictly followed the undertaking given to the court in March 2009, that until the petition is disposed of, they will maintain status quo. In their petition, they have challenged the BBMP order cancelling the joint khata.

The minister and his wife, along with M D Lakshminarayana, former MLA of Turuvekere, and another person had jointly purchased this land from Mysore Machinery Manufacturers Limited and SM Developers in March 2005. They also claimed that they thought it unnecessary to obtain permission under the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act as their vendor had already paid Rs 18 lakh towards betterment charges for this property.





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