BBMP Khata Opening: Require Documents


1. Khatha Registration:-
The following documents are required for registration of Khatha for the first time.
Category of Property Documents to be enclosed with the
(a) Properties allotted by Bangalore Development Authority / Karnataka Housing Board
 [a] Application in prescribed form
 [b] Attested copy of the title deed
[c]  Copies of previous tax paid receipts
 [d] Possession certificate
 [e] Sketch showing the location of property
(b) Revenue Pockets, BDA Reconveyed areas, Gramathana, high rise buildings (both apartments and commercial complexes)
[a]  Application in prescribed form
[b]  Title documents, flow chart of the title
[c]  Copies of previous tax paid receipts
[d]  Proof of improvement charges paid
[e]  Khatha extract issued by previous authority / local body.
 [f] Sketch showing the location and measurements of the property

Time required:-
1. 7 working days in the case of BDA/KHB allotted properties
2. 30 working days in the case of revenue extensions, BDA re-conveyed areas,
gramathana, high-rise buildings (both apartments & commercial complexes)
NOTE: In case of revenue properties where conversion has not been obtained and
approval of the competent authority for formation of layout has not been
obtained, Khatha Registration will not be done unless they are regularized by
the Government. However for the said properties assessment will be made for
property tax and entered in the ‘B’ Register.


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