Para 50-A

50.A  Applicant at the fag end of his nearing the death by man-made he feels that he is at the TAIL END of PATH of THORNS and at the end of this Application; Applicant wish to end the Application for Transfer to High Court.
Karnataka High Court’s Judgment, which came to be secured by Fraud by Judges, Society etc., detailed in foregone pages . The Court observed ILR 1995 KAR 3139 , in par thus :-

    ( 33 ) Lastly we are constrained to observe above the serious allegations made against the Judges of the Court ( sitting, retired, transferred) and retired Judges of the Supreme Court in the Public Interest Litigation filed by the two Practicing Advocates of this Bar. In the case reported in P. PERUMAL & ORS vs. STATE OF TAMILNADU &ORS ( 33. 1993-2 LW 681 ) at page 712 at para 41 Mishra, J., as he then was has stated thus:

” 41. In a nutshell, it will be no exaggeration if it is said that the High Court Judges are high dignitaries, who by virtue of their office and the nature of work, that is to say, dispensation of justice, exercise a regal or sovereign function; their work forms part of Constitutional duty of the State and they discharge inalienable functions of the Constitutional Government, which no one else is entitled to perform . They have to be aloof to some extent from others. These and other acts which Judges perform make them the object of regard and respect of others.

Their functions as demanded by their office make them important for the Society.”


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