Para 39-C

39-CKarnataka upa lokayukta was investigating vide UPLOK/BCD/64/ 1999-00, UPLOK/BCD/….. & UPLOK/BCD/164/2000 ; wherein it came to know that Society & its members are involved CORRUPTION, NEPOTISM, IRREGULAR & ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES and also that all Sale Deeds in r/o JUDICIAL Layout were found to be forged , in Criminal Contempt of High Court Judgments. Chief Justice of Jammu & Kashmir through his letter to G.P.Shivapraksh, the the Upa Lokayukta of Criminal Conspiracies of “Karnataka High Court Judges including chief justice S. Mohan in ILLEGALLY GETTING POSESSION of LANDS through Chief Minister late S. Bangarappa. Upa Lokayukta laso came to know that 320 sites are formed in un-acquiredd lands in 37 acres of Poor Farmers, with the threat of “PRESENCE OF LARGE NUMBERS OF POWERS THAT BE MANNING INDIAN JUDICIARY.


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