Para 26

Rule-Of-Law found no value in front of MAGIC WANDS:- The  logic of inverstigation by Karnataka’s much hyped Institution which sent Chief Minister Yeddyurappa & host of IAS, IPS, MLA’s , KAS, IFS etc., to Jail was lost by Lokayukta who had jotted down Points-To-Investigate in COMPT/UPLOK/BCD-64/99-2000:-
N O T E: Answers to be elicited in respect of the Following; from Secretary, Directors, Office Bearers of the Karnataka State Judicial Department Employees’ House Building Co-operative Society Limited, Bangalore and others :-
1. a). Total number of sites in the layout and their dimensions.
b). Number of sites remaining unallotted in the layout as on date.
2.  a). Area earmarked for civic amenities with reference to the layout plan.
b). Areas earmarked for parks and playgrounds.
3.   Handing over of layout to the municipality.
See page 29 para 107 and page 35 para 129.
4. In respect of matters at para 135 and 150.
5. Steps taken to provide suitable entry road to the layout.
6. All the documents produced on behalf of the Society to be got marked.


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