Para 16

Applicant suspects  Two-Brother-Judges hatched Criminal Conspiracy, in the like manner & terms as was done by Karnataka Lokayukta & Upa Lokayukta  in UPLOK/BCD/64/1999-00, to coerce & Collude with Govt. and pass illegal, contemptuous Orders . It is learnt through credible sources that both Judges were and are  bribed heavily in the form of  Money, sites in the name of their relatives & Kind. The High Court Orders have “Tried to LEGALIZE CRIMINAL CONTEMPT of High Court Judgments”  viz.,  ILR 1994 KAR 2115 quashing Govt. directions to Sub-Registrar, Yelahanka “Not to register of sites presented by said Society & 31 other Housing societies until and unless  legally Layout Plan is approved by BDA, genuine members are Identified as per Judgment given by Rama Jois & Rajshekhar Murty in Narayan Reddy’s case in 1991;  ILR 1995 KAR 3139 where all Judges of High Court except two Judges illegally convinced that Layout is approved B.D.A ; W.P [GM] [BDA] 39338/1992, where the Society represented by its 867-PROVEN-CORRUPT-CRIMINAL-Judges took stay against BDA by getting listed before its member & S.Rajendra Babu on Quid-Pro-Quo-Basis. He stayed the BDA demand of Rs. eleven Crores of Rupees. Later, Society in 1996 withdrew the W.P!
[2] Applicant wonders manner in which Corrupt Judges are being not only elevated to Supreme Court, but also made to “RULE, WE CITIZENS of INDIA”.
[3] There are RUMOURS that to  avoid or delay Prosecution of 867 Judges standing trial, getting arrested, handcuffed, jailed  is planned by allowing G.P. Shivaprakash’s WP 7105/2007 questioning his very Judgments & investigations; who as Judge, Upa-Lokayukta is a Creator of ILLEGAL LAYOUT, the High Court has failed miserably in admitting his case; which facts could be addressed by Applicant, once CC 6711/2012 is transferred to High Court.


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