Para 15

The two Judges of Karnataka High Court Mr. Ram Mohan Reddy & H. Billappa adore the “ Page 14 -15 of Charge Sheet in present CC 6711/2012 titled ‘February 2010 JUSTICE BULLETIN”, for the Brother Judges who are constituted as  special Bench. They have passed ‘Orders in Contempt of their very Court Orders’ to appease Brother-Corrupt-867 -Judges-Lokayuktas with CORRUPT MOTIVES directing Bangalore Bruhat Mahanagar Palike [BBMP]  to take over Layout and or C.A. Sites; when B.D.A, HUD, Society have claimed that the JUDICIAL LAYOUT is REVENUE LAYOUT. That Layout is within BDA jurisdiction as one of Thousands of unauthorised Layouts in Bangalore
[2]     Petition in context is W.P. No. 40994 of 2002 [PIL] by “Judicial Layout Residents and Site Holders Association” Versus “The Karnataka State Judicial Department Employees House Building Co-operative Society”.
The main prayers are:- [i] DIRECT THE First respondent to produce before this Hon’ble Court the layout plan of the Judicial Layout approved in favour of the 4th respondent Society by its Resolution No. 503/92, dated 16-11-1992; [ii] DECLARE all the actions of the 4th respondent society and anyone claiming under it, deviating from the approved layout plan sanctioned by the first respondent bearing Resolution No. 503/92, dated 16-11-1992, insofar as they altered the nature of the Parks, civic amenity sites and other open spaces specified therein, as illegal, void and inoperative; [iii] ISSUE a writ, order of direction in the nature of Mandamus directing the first respondent to take registered relinquishment deed from the 4th respondent society transferring all the Parks, civic amenity sites and other open spaces as specified in the layout plan sanctioned by it as per Resolution No. 503/92 dated 16-11-1992 and hand over possession of the same to the 3rd respondent herein, in the interest of justice and equity.
[4]      All Respondents including Government, Bangalore Development Authority   [B.D.A ]  have filed more than once Affidavits stating JUDICIAL LAYOUT is UN-AUTHORIZED. Society has formed 320 sites in POOR UNEDUCATED FARMERS’ Lands WITHOUT authority of Law by Land Grabbing & through Court’s Fraudualant Decrees of 37 acres. And in exchange of lands, Society has given the Land lords few sites in which sale deeds “it mentioned Layout is approved by B.D.A”!
[5]     What is more astonishing is the Society has mentioned in its affidavit in 2003, 2005 and till recently that “LAY OUT IS NEVER EVER APPROVED BY First Respondent And Bangalore Development Authority”.  When Society which itself says on Affidavit in High Court, Reddy Bench failed in hauling up all 4,500 Members securing Judgment by Fraud on High Court. Similarly failed to cancel sale deeds; but Civil Contempt against Board of Directors CCC No. 87/2004 is going on and on!


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