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  1. Introduction to Applicant’s websites  & are based on LOKAYUKTA INSTITUTIONAL CORRUPTION:-

    [1]  Upa Lokayukta G.P. Shivaprakash suo moto commenced investigations vide Complaint No. Compt//UpLok/BCD/64/1999 on 4/12/1999 against “SHIVALINGAIAH, PRESIDENT, KAR.STATE JUDL. DEPT.EMP.HOUSE BLGD.CO-OP.SOCIETY, BANGALORE” under heading “IRREGULARITIES, NEPOTISM AND CORRUPT ACTIVITIES IN ALLOT MENT OF SITES”.
    [2] Up-Lokayukta wrote letter on 6th September, 1999 to B.D.A asking “whether JUDICIAL Layout is Approved by B.D.A and whether B.D.A has handed over Layout to C.M.C, Yelahanka”. As per our Investigations B.D.A replied to Up Lokayukta’s letter on 8th October, 1999 stating “ Neither B.D.A has approved JUDICIAL Layout Plan nor B.D.A has passed any Order to Hand-over JUDICIAL Layout to  C.M.C, Yelahanka”.
    [3] After retirement of G.P. Shivaprakash, Justice N. Venkatachala was appointed as Karnataka Lokayukta. He instead of passing Orders as per Lokayukta Act or handing over Investigations to C.B.I chose to keep it pending like DEAD BODY in MORTUARY till in 2007; though G.P. Shivaprakash closed  the case on 13th March, 2002 . It may kindly be noted that both G.P. Shivaprakash and Justice N. Venkatachala Karnataka Lokayukta were and are Allottees of sites in JUDICIAL Layout  apart from all three present Lokayukta & two Upa Lokayuktas, per credible information.
    [3.A] Upa Lokayukta was investigating inter alia whether Karnataka Employees HBCS which has secured more than few dozen Judgments from Karnataka High Court and Lower Courts till date to form three Layouts, more particularly JUDICIAL LAYOUT formed in 156 Acres or  193 Acres are bonafide or by Fraud. Few of prominent  Judgments are ILR 1994 KAR 2115, ILR 1995 KAR 3139, etc. Up-Lokayukta G.P.Shivaparakash and Lokayukta came to know through Investigations with B.D.A and other Departments that Judgments were “Given and Taken by Fraud, Collusion, with Corrupt motives etc.” and that no any allottee has any Legal Title of Ownership to their respective sites, or on the lands on which sites are formed in the Light of B.D.A’s reply to Up-lokayukta. Simply put Judgments were given on Quid-Pro-Quo basis, for SKY-FALL of  PROFITS, not wind-fall profits like COAL or MINE scam.
    [4] Websites Investigated contents  are trying to bring to the kind perusal the True Facts to attention of Karnataka Government, Legislature,  B.D.A, Karnataka High Court, Media, Transparency International, C.B.I, Karnataka Police, Advocates, whole world; so that TRUTH prevails in COURTS & GUILTY are PUNISHED.
    [5] Justice G.P. Shivaprakash who closed the case on 13th March, 2002, is haunting Indian Judiciary, Karnataka High Court , Karnataka Lokayukta, Government at State & Centre since 2002 till date in Writ Petitions P.I.L 40994/2002 ,  7105/2007 & 13261/2006. The facts in 7105/2007  & 13261/2006 Petitions, who have approached hiding all the TRUE FACTS.  Applicant finds Writ Petitions P.I.L 40994/2002, approached by Court employees prayers are bonafide. High Court special Bench Judges are playing fraud on High Court by not cancelling 2,400 sale deeds and making a direction to hand over Lands & buildings to erstwhile land owners in accordance with Supreme Court’s Judgments in  HMT Housing Society, Bangalore City Housing Co-op Society, Vyalikaval HBCS etc.,.
    [6] The facts which came to be determined by Lokayukta and High Court etc., are being raised again in High Court by Justice K.Jagannath Shetty, Up-Lokayukta G.P. Shivaprakash, Justice M.P. Chinnappa, Justice A.M. Farooq and Justice T.N. Vallinayagam, the Judges of Supreme Court, Karnataka High Court. Which facts are honestly reported in our websites. In WP [PIL]  7105/2007 Up-Lokayukta G.P. Shivaprakash seek C.B.I Investigations in La-de-affairs of “Karnataka Employees HBCS” stating thus at:
    Paragraph 30 [A]: “ It is Disgraceful that this Judicial Layout is mired in controversy and has become cesspool of Scandals. It has become Talk of The Town. An unknown source has created website derogatory to the position of Judges. It is submitted that there are too many skeletons in the closet and the management has no Sense of Duty or Shame and requires to be replaced. A thorough time bound inquiry by an independent investigating agency of all the misdeeds including allotment of sites, conversion of civic amenity sites and beneficiaries of the society is essential.
    Paragraph 30 [B]: Petitioners being retired Judges of Karnataka High Court are confronted by public with Questions for which they have no answers. The question normally asked if JUDICIAL Layout is Above Law.
    [7] The several judgments secured by “Karnataka Employees HBCS” state Land is acquired legally, compensation is paid to landlords legally by S.L.A.O,  Judicial Layout is approved by Bangalore Development Authority. Civic Amenity sites of about 90 Acres is handed over to B.D.A, Sites are registered to bonafide Employees etc.,. And accordingly 2,400 plus sites are registered stating in each & every Sale Deed that Bangalore Development Authority has approved layout plan in 1992 .
    [8] As per Govt. records, Lokayukta investigations, “Karnataka Employees HBCS” has made NO-ANY-PAYMENT-To-EITHER-To-GOVERNMENT ; NOR-GOVT-HAS-PAID- A-PENNY-TO-FARMERS, at least till they had sold all / majority sites till 1995-96, as per records we have.
    [8.A] The High Court Judges including most of Chief Justices like S.Mohan were in direct alliance with Chief Ministers of Karnataka directly or through Advocate Generals like Santosh Hegde, C. Shivappa, or State Public Prosecutors like S. Doreraju or H.S. Chandramouli. This fact of un-holy nexus with CM, made the Society management into committing various crimes including “IRREGULARITIES, NEPOTISM AND CORRUPT ACTIVITIES IN ALLOT MENT OF SITES”; was made known to Upa Lokayukta M. Ramakrishana, Retired Chief Justice, Jammu & Kashmir High Court,  in his letter of which contents is covered in this Application.
    [9] Up-Lokayukta came to know that Judgments were secured by Fraud and contrary to facts. Based on such Judgments 1,200 plus Judges from Superior Courts to Lower Courts, Judicial Officers were registered with sale deeds of  sites stating layout is approved by B.D.A. Similarly 1,200 sites to Court peons, clerks, etc.,It also came to know that Layout is formed in Revenue Lands in 193 Acres, Land Grabbing of 37 Acres, no compensation is paid to landlords etc.,. Lokayukta failed to punish the Karnataka Employees HBCS and passed illegal Order of closure of Investigations, whereby it encouraged Corruption in Karnataka State in all fields of Governance . His direction by giving “Illegal Layout Plan submitted by Society forwarded  to Sub-Registrar, with a direction register sites” has amounted to legitimizing  Contempt of Court, Land Grabbing, Fraud, Forgery, Cheating etc and has created ANARCHY in Karnataka. The  Legislature Committee in 2007 estimates quantified 45,000 acres of Government Lands in Bangalore Urban is Grabbed and in many cases with Fraud Judgments etc., is one of contention and purpose of websites. Karnataka Public Land Board has estimated, with facts & figures, that eleven lakh acres of Government lands are Grabbed by Illegal Court Orders in Karnataka.
    [10] The few  facts was informed to the Applicant by Karnataka Lokayukta to Applicant’s pointed query viz.,   “ Query No. 3: List of Judges & Judicial Officers found to have Forged Sale deeds & constructed Illegal constructions” and “Query No. 4:Communications to Police to register complaint / investigations directed to have been given to initiate prosecution under IPC Chapters  IX, X, XI, XIV, XVI, XVII, XVIII, XIX, r/w Section 34, Prevention of Corruption Act,  The Goonda & Slum Grabbers Act”. The letter dated 26 Nov, 2012 states “ In relation to your queries numbers 3 & 4 there is no separate information or files”.
    [11] ARE-2, who gave the 834 pages file certified copies,  Mr. Pandit’s site was registered in Contempt of Upa Lokayukta Stay of Registration Order. And SPIO Mr. Mohammed Mojihid Ulla who signed the letter is also a member , if not beneficiary. Only  High Court’s time-bound independent investigations into Upa Lokayukta Hush-up & frauds being perpetrated by Reddy & Billppa Bench shall make the SKELETONS & SKULLS tumbling-out, as claimed by G.P.Shivapraksh in his WP. PIL 7105/2007 in para 30.
    [12] It however may be noted that Karnataka High Court Justice G.P. Shivaprakash gave two judgments in favour of Karnataka Employees HBCS viz., W.P. 1600/1994 directing Government to hand-over 17 acres of land in 1994.
    [13] Then in W.P. 18447/1994 in 1994; striking down Karnataka Government direction to Sub-registrars “not to Register the Sites of Bangalore’s 32 House Building co-operative Societies including Karnataka Employees HBCS”. Judgment is reported as ILR 1994 KAR 2115. This Judgment based on Karnataka Employees HBCS registered 2,400 plus sites stating layout is approved by B.D.A including 320 Sites formed in un-acquired 33 Acres of lands, without ownership, conversion, B.D.A approval etc.,. Based on same Judgment several H.B.C.S also registered sites similarly.


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