WP 40994/2002 for the date of order 24/08/2012. . Daily Orders of the Case

 Number : WP  40994/2002 for the date of order 24/08/2012 High Court of Karnataka – Principal Bench at Bangalore
WP 40994/2002


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Respondent/Defnt. Name
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Date Filed Classification:
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Before Hon’ble Judge/s

 Details of the Daily Order ..
(Click on date of order to get full order)

Sl.No. Honble Judge Date of Order
1 HONBLE RMRJ,HBJ 14/01/2011
2 HONBLE RMRJ,HBJ 10/06/2011
3 HONBLE RMRJ,HBJ 24/06/2011
4 HONBLE RMRJ,HBJ 28/06/2011
5 HONBLE RMRJ,HBJ 13/01/2012
6 HONBLE RMRJ,HBJ 24/02/2012
7 HONBLE RMRJ,HBJ 09/03/2012
8 HONBLE RMRJ,HBJ 27/07/2012
9 HONBLE RMRJ,HBJ 24/08/2012

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