Apex Court: date 27/04/2010; “Additional information relating to Karnataka State Judicial Employees House Building Cooperative Society Ltd., Bangalore”

ITEM NO.101 (PH)                 COURT NO.11               SECTION IVA

S U P R E M E     C O U R T   O F    I N D I A


CIVIL APPEAL NO(s). 7425-7426 OF 2002

BANGALORE CITY COOP HSG.SOCY.LTD.                      Appellant (s)


STATE OF KARNATAKA AND ORS.                            Respondent(s)

(With office report )


Civil Appeal NO. 774-778 of 2005

(With appln.(s) for revocation and with office report)

Date: 27/04/2010    These Appeals were called on for hearing today.




For Appellant(s)      Mr. Dushyant Dave, Sr.Adv.

Mr. P. Vishwanatha Shetty, Sr. Adv.

Mr. Shashi Kiran Shetty, Adv.

Mr. M. Sreenivasa, Adv.

Mr. Bramjeet Mishra, Adv.

Mr. Yatish Mohan, Adv.

Ms. Haripriya Padmanabhan, Adv.

Mr. E.C. Vidya Sagar,A.O.R.

[In C.A. Nos.7425-7426/2002]

Mrs. V. Mohana, A.O.R.

[In C.A. Nos.774-778/2005]

For Respondent(s)     Mr.   P.P. Rao, Sr.Adv.

Mr.   R.S. Hegde, Adv.

Mr.   Chandra Prakash, Adv.

Mr.   Amit Wadhwa, Adv.

Mr.   A.S. Bhasme, A.O.R.

[In   C.A. Nos.7425-7426/2002]

Mr.   P.P. Singh, A.O.R.

[In   C.A. Nos.774-778/2005]

Mr.   Sanjay R. Hegde ,Adv

Mr.   A. Rohen Singh, Adv.

Mr.   Ramesh K. Mishra, Adv.

Mr.   Ramesh S. Jadhav, Adv.


Mr. Vikrant Yadav, Adv.

[For State of Karnataka]



UPON hearing counsel the Court made the following


In compliance of order dated 21.4.2010, Shri V. Umesh, who is holding charge of post of Principal Secretary to Government, Department of Cooperation and
Shri K.S. Prabhakara, Revenue Secretary-II, Governmentof Karnataka appeared
in person and explained their position.
Both Shri V. Umesh and Shri Prabhakara
assured the Court that they will personally look into the records and submit their  notes  to  this Court through Shri S.R. Hegde, learned counsel representing the State of Karnataka.

            Shri Hegde also filed a compilation with the title    “Additional   information relating   to  Karnataka State  Judicial Employees House Building Cooperative Society    Ltd., Bangalore”. This  Shri  Hegde  did  in response to the queries  made  by the Court in the context  of  the judgment  of  the  Division Bench  of Karnataka High Court in Writ Petition No.35837 of 1994 and connected matters.

Shri E.C. Vidya Sagar, counsel assisting Shri Dushyant Dave, learned senior counsel appearing for the appellant in C.A. Nos.7425-7426 of 2002, also filed an additional affidavit  along  with  the  compilation of papers.     According to Shri Dave, these documents were made available  by the  Society  to the Assistant Registrar of Cooperative Societies in response to the queries made by him.

The documents filed by  Shri Hegde and the counsel assisting Shri Dave are taken on record.


Further arguments of Shri Dushyant Dave and Mr. P.V. Shetty, learned senior counsel appearing for the appellants heard. Likewise arguments of Shri P.P. Rao also heard.

Judgment reserved.

Shri    S.R.    Hegde, representing   the   State   of Karnataka says that he will make an endeavour to file typed copies of the relevant notings by Friday morning. Learned counsel for the parties may file their written notes by Monday i.e. 3.5.2010.

(A.D. Sharma)            (Charanjeet Kaur)        (Phoolan Wati Arora)

Court Master                                      Court Master

xxxxxxx………Order Ends…Here… Yyyyyyyyyyyy…… Order Ends ……..ZZZZZ

“Additional   information relating   to  Karnataka State  Judicial Employees House Building Cooperative Society    Ltd., Bangalore”

6. Bye-laws copy of Karnataka State  Judicial Employees House Building Cooperative Society    Ltd., Bangalore

7. Whether Judges can become members of this Society.

8. How many Judges have become Members of this Society

9. Whether the Judges who were allotted sites have disposed off similar land acquisition matters where agents were involved ?

10. Whether any litigation is pending in respect of Judicial employee Society.


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