The complainant against Digvijay Mote editor, in CC 6711/2012: Syed Riyazathullah, P.R.O, Karnataka Lokayukta: Hand Shaking with President of World Bank saying ‘I am from India’: Dec 8, 2010

Mr. Syed Riazutulla, P.R.O, Karnataka Lokayukta, Bangalore, [Assets Page on Lokayukta website ].
A]  His father, Mr. Syed Rahamatulla, who is EXTORTIONIST & JAILED;  is member of Karnataka State Judicial Department Employees Housing Society, Bangalore. His  Membership S.L.F number is 516 at page No. 130 of Register of Members; which Society we have used as GuineaPig to Prove Rampant Corruption Judiciary and Lokayukta..
B] The complainant P.R.O. and Dy. Commissioner, Office of Lokayukta Mr. Riaz ; against Digvijay Mote editor, in CC 6711/2012 , was selected by Government of India to represent India in “The World Bank sponsored ‘International Corruption Hunters Alliance  Event’ in year 2010” and Riaz participated in the Event. The Event was at Washington DC, United States of America. In the Video hosted by World Bank on Dec 8, 2010 at “Internet Link in”   Video link    , he is seen Thrice in Video. In the beginning in front Row, later while hearing the Speech and at last “he Hand Shaking with President of World Bank saying ‘I am from India’” in the said Conference. While no other participants dare to do it!

As there was a miss call from his office phone on 29th  October, 2011,  I returned the call. As I was traveling on National High way to Hosur , Voice was in-audible, disturbing, voice getting-off-and-on, hence I had to disconnect. During call on 29th  October, 2011; when I mentioned of having seen him Hand-shaking with World Bank President, he was happy to mention and confirm that Government of India chose him to represent along with another Officer from C.B.I. or so; from amongst all the Indian Country Men.
International Corruption Hunters Alliance :The energy that members of the International Corruption Hunters Alliance (ICHA) brought to their first meeting is beyond words.  “Stealing is bad enough, ripping off the poor is disgusting.” With those words, the World Bank President kicked off a 2-day momentum for the Corruption Hunters to “draw strength, learn from one another and create their global alliance.” And rightly so, they did.  A “marketplace” showcasing select country experiences offered some space for some delegates to speak firsthand of their challenges and lessons of success and failure.

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